Ranthambore National Park is one of the largest national parks in India and it is located in Sawai Madhopur district of Rajasthan. If we talk about tigers and wild animals in India, there is no better place than Ranthambore. Ranthambore is full of exciting things such as amusing Flora and Fauna, Jungle safari, giant magnificent fort with superb palaces, remarkable cultural sites and wonderful heavenly shrines. Ranthambore is one of the most beautiful places in Rajasthan which is full of natural and wildlife abundance.
Whenever, a tourist plans to visit Ranthambore and comes for jungle safari, the major question in front of tourists is the selection of the safari zone in Ranthambore National Park. There are 10 Safari zones in Ranthambore National Park.
Best zone for tiger spotting in Ranthambore-
Though, all the safari zones are good and have tiger region. But some of them are very good. These are included zone no. 2,3,4,5 and 6. For past few years the tourists have seen more tigers on these safari zones, but it’s not compulsory that tigers can be seen only on these zones; all the zones are equally have tiger ground. However, zone no. 3 and 4 have beautiful landscape and lakes as these are good place to see wild animals in the park.
Zone no. 3
All Safari zones are best for tiger spotting and discovering wildlife in Ranthambore. These zones are consecrated with the different kinds of animals and birds. But zone no. 3 is the most prevalent and favourite safari zone. Some points which make it differ from other zones are- all the three lakes are in this zone such as Padam Talao, Rajbagh Lake and Malik Lake. It is near the Ranthambore Fort which enhances the beauty of this zone. It is believed that this is the most appropriate territory for tigers in Ranthambore.
For getting your desired tiger safari zones in Ranthambore we would endorse to book your safari at least 90 days earlier to your visit regarding this Forest Department provides online safari booking facility. However, where you go for a safari on any zone in Ranthambore, tiger sighting depends on pure luck followed by endurance and determination.

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