There are times when more straightforward and more rustic stuff strikes your psyche. It makes a difference in a world that is otherwise full of too many colours and complications, a frenzy of activities, and a heap of too many things.

That’s a welcome change for your psyche, and it is a nice thing to use this simplicity in your D Day — at least when you are planning to hire a wedding car.

That is where the White Knights make the difference. And that is the reason why White Knights are so much adored in the world of wedding cars.

Simplicity is its USP

A White Knight can very well be termed as a gentle giant. Giant — by the sheer broad structure it comes with, and gentle, by its getup that is too conventional.

In fact, it is this simplicity that adds that vintage tinge to the car and that plays a pivotal role.

How? Well, by the difference it creates.

Weddings are occasions where gaiety and glamour reign supreme! There are colours and lights, glamour and chic virtually everywhere. When you hire a too trendy wedding car, it may seamlessly blend with all the colour and cameo around, but it will fail to make any difference. It will fail to catch the attention.

Here is where While Knight proves to be different. This is why couples prefer her! When decorated, they are indeed a treat for eyes, as they get into the scene of celebration with its classy aristocratic appearance! This wedding car in Sydney is indeed, a show stopper! It’s a perfect example of simplicity, turning out to be a specialty!

A Musciline Getup!

The most awe-inspiring feature about White Knight is its masculine bodyline. The curves and edges are so masculine that they symbolise strength, which women like at hindsight. Well, it’s not to mean that women are weak and in strength, they seek something that would lend protection! Still, women like it, as anything masculine is a ‘male thing’, which attracts them — for obvious reasons!

Again, this is where this particular car scores.

A lustrous interior that counts

The interiors of White Knight also makes it one of the most sought-after wedding cars. It has plush, spacious interiors that truly justify its get up, and that is what counts as well.

If you use it for your guests, it will be economical, and if you use it you and your better half, your beloved will surely like it by all means. It’s genuinely romantic that will help you feel the ‘warmth of the occasion’ more authoritatively. And the plush interiors are supported by the upholstery that is more oriental than anything else.

The colour

Do not forget the colour. The black and white tinge of the car contributes to the vintage tinge. It takes you back to the bygone days, adding that retro feeling to your wedding that makes a difference!

What else do you need to have a dream wedding and opt to hire a wedding car in Sydney? Choose White Knight — it will make your D-Day genuinely memorable!

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The author owns a wedding car hire company in Sydney. The author is also a regular blogger and is followed by many.