For living a healthy and fit life you need to have food which is enriched with lots of nutrients, minerals, vitamins, and protein. As you know adding meat in your diet will fulfill the requirements of protein intake. Being a rich source of protein meat also contains lots of vitamins and minerals. But the major question remains constant, which meat one should prefer the most? Red meat or white meat, which one is really healthier?

Meat like mutton, lamb and pork are considered as red meat, whereas meat like chicken, fish, and duck are the categories of white meat. Generally, it is claimed that you should avoid eating red meat and have white meat more. But there is nothing like that, both the meat types have their own benefits and drawbacks. Read on to know which one is much healthier.

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Red meat

Red meat enriched with micronutrients and have many nutritional benefits. Micronutrients like, zinc, iron, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12, thiamine and riboflavin are found in higher concentrations in red meat rather than white meat. People who are vegetarians or only prefer eating white meat need to be really careful in planning their diet, especially when it comes to getting adequate amounts of these nutrients. Having red meat in your meal also helps you fight the deficiencies like anemia.

There are drawbacks of everything. As red meat is rich in nutrients, red meat is also higher in fat, mainly saturated fat. Having too much-saturated fat can increase your risk of heart disease and stroke. As you increase the intake of red meat, you also increase the risk of colorectal cancer. When you grill or cook red meat on high-temperature it starts forming carcinogenic substances which are cancer causing. So it is highly recommended to avoid high-temperature cooking. Many researches, recommends eating no more than 455g red meat per week to reduce the risk of cancer.

White meat

White meat is also known as poultry meat. Having white meat is good as there are fewer calories, less fat and also less saturated fat as compared to red meat.

If you compare,

140 g of chicken breast contains 130kcal, 2.6g fat (0.7g saturated fat) and 66mg cholesterol.

Whereas, for the same amount of pork (lean cut), it contains 240kcal, 7g fat (2.5g saturated fat), and 125mg cholesterol.

Similarly, 140g of beef (lean cut) has 250kcal, 9g fat (4g saturated fat), and 105mg cholesterol.

So, red meat is having 2 times more calories and than twice the amount of fat, saturated fat and cholesterol than that of white meat. But if you consider eating white meat with skin, then it will be having almost the same calorie and fat as red meat.

Which one should you prefer eating?
So, white and red meats have their benefits and drawbacks. If you eat meat, then it is a great idea to include small portions of both as part of a balanced diet. Go for white meat more often than red meat, but enjoy the benefits of both.

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