Authors: David R. Fett & Stephen Langford
ISBN: 978-0-9845040-2-2
Publisher: Synergy Books

David Fett and Stephen Langord with their debut novel White Sleeper have concocted quite a chilling tale around a deranged white supremacist who is determined to get even with the US government for the killing of his mother and white supremacist father.

Ben Curran was just a young lad of sixteen when he witnessed the deaths of his parents at the hands of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF). After a few years of long-simmering hatred, Curran is ready to hatch his spectacular mass killing plan that has the potential of wiping out thousands of people living in the USA. To help launch the operation, he hooks up with a terrorist sleeper cell financed by interests from the Middle East.

Curran is certainly not a simpleton and before deciding on what kind of weapon of mass destruction he will employ, he experiments with three possible scenarios by spreading a small sampling of botulism, the plague and rabies, managing to infect a few families in Arkansas. Readers will have plenty to chew on trying to discover how Curran was able to infect these people and which one of the three evils will he ultimately decide to use to carry out his horrendous plan of mass killing.

The Center for Disease and Control Prevention (CDC) calls in a young brilliant doctor specializing in toxicology, Dave Richards to try and figure out what is happening. Richards has a knack of finding things that were hiding in plain sight. However, he also had a drinking problem that did not sit too well with his superior who is about to fire him. The result would surely mean that he would be pulled from the assignment-robbing him of the possibility of redeeming himself. Teaming up with Dr. Richards is Special FBI Agent Paula Mushari of Lebanese decent who joined the force after 9/11 to prove her loyalty to the USA. No doubt, this is a huge case and careers are made on ones like these.

The plot with its twist and turns keeps the narrative riveting, particularly after Richards and Mushari find out, with the aid of various enforcement agencies, whom they are up against and the horrendous havoc that would be caused if Curran manages to unleash his diabolic plan.

White Sleeper is impressively structured within its three sections, dark beginnings, darkness rising and finally the dark truth, all of which propel the reader toward an escalating suspense leading to a bloodcurdling and a nearly apocalyptic climax. Thoroughly unsettling, the yarn follows the epic manhunt for someone who is brilliant and at the same time a cunning manipulator that succeeds in duping a whole terror cell in working for him. And with his twisted mania, thinks very little of massacring thousands of people, as long as he avenges the deaths of his parents. Aficionados of thrillers will be captivated by Fett and Langford's story-telling competence as well as their straight forward style that easily moves the plot along at the quick pace essential to a good thriller. Moreover, the authors are well-aware of the value of careful construction and characterization, although work is still needed on more showing and less telling-something that is often found lacking among debut novelists.



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