One would think this would be pretty open and shut discussion but surprisingly there are a large number of different types of whiteboard erasers on the market.

If size is an issue in terms of either your hand size and therefore grip or the intricacy of what it is you are trying to erase, then there is a wide range of differing sizes and shapes available to reach the smallest areas. In fact you can even find a whiteboard eraser glove to conform to your hand size and help out with those tricky spaces. In the same vein, a straight upcloth can do the trick though you need to be careful that the drop of material doesn’t inadvertently erase information you want to retain.

Whiteboard erasers are also available in a myriad of colors, grips and fabric. If you’re big into color coding your stationery or if you see your choice of stationery as a reflection of yourself, then your choice of color will be important and you may need to match it to existing purchases. Whiteboard erasers are traditionally rectangle dusters encased in a holder however you will notice that the holders themselves are available in a variety of grips which is great for the teacher who constantly findthemselves continually dropping erasers.

The duster of the whiteboard eraser is often made from felt but is also available in microfiber. A feature to look out for is dusters that are washable as this will save a lot of money in refills. Refills are certainly available when your duster gives up the ghost or doesn’t survive the wash. There is also a range of products available on the market that have pads that are moist with cleaning fluid that you can tear off as each no longer become effective. Similarly you can also purchase disposable towelettes that perform the same job but without the duster pad.

At times you may require the assistance of a whiteboard cleaner fluid in a spray pack to get rid of hard to remove marks.

Whiteboard erasers often come in holders but you can also purchase holders separately to suit where you are likely to store them to keep them at hand. For many, magnetic whiteboard erasers are a god send as you never have to worry about knocking it off shelf and always know it will be in arm’s reach.

Excitingly, there is now also a product on the market that will store what it erases electronically so that if you ever need to come back to it, you still have soft copy. Will wonders never cease!

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This article is about the whiteboards eraser, as there are large number of whiteboard eraser are available in market different attributes .this article will definitely help you if you are thinking to buying a new eraser.