During the week whilst giving an interview I was asked this question - Who and What in the world inspires me?

It's a great question and always fun to think about what serves as my inspiration at any given time. I find not a day goes by without being truly inspired in some way. I seek out inspiration in so many people and things all over the place.

The number one for me in terms of "who" inspires me has to be; people living their dream, doing what they're passionate about, what they love each and every day. People that know why they're here, who are tuned in, playing full out and actively fulfilling their life purpose.
Nothing gives me greater pleasure than seeing someone doing something they love, they work from a truly inspired place and create incredible success. They live a life on their terms and paint their own picture in life.

Having supported thousands of people in their career to date I know it’s a minority, the number people that find and do something they love. And as a result the majority work in an area they don't enjoy and lead unhappy work lives which in itself has a knock on effect at home in their relationships and health and wellbeing. How many people do you know that have a restless night sleep on Sunday night and dread Monday mornings? And how many people do you know that sleep like a baby on Sunday night and can't wait for a new week to begin?

I am truly inspired by the human spirit. People that have been knocked down a thousand times or suffered incredible hardships that get up each and every day and try again. People that succeed against the odds. Many entrepreneurs that decide to take life on and be the master of their own destiny inspire me. It's a tough ride, there's lots of bumps in the road and it’s that dogged determination, dedication and commitment that carries you forward. You keep getting back up and going for more, relentless in your journey of success. This really inspires me.

People that have had a tough life and continue to have a warm heart and to continue to see the best in people and things, inspire me. As an example I had a chance encounter with an old lady recently when I sat on a park bench. Her name is Anne. I had about 15 minutes to spare before running in to my next meeting. We got talking. It turns out she'd been married for 60 years and had lost her husband just two weeks before. She was also losing her eyesight, it was progressively getting worse and she was nearly blind. When her husband passed away she found it difficult to get out of the house, he always drove and now that her sight had deteriorated she could no longer. She told me that most days she was housebound. However that day was her birthday and she was determined to get out and feel the sunshine on her face. Anne told me she was 84 and felt like she was a 30 year old trapped in an old woman's body. Accepting of her husbands' death and health deterioration she still remained amazingly upbeat. Anne shared another story of having her purse stolen by a couple of teenagers just the week before. They asked her for the time which she obliged and in the process they stole her purse from her handbag. She has just collected her pension money. Her concern was not for herself but more for the youths themselves and the harm they may come to if they used the cash for drugs. She was also concerned for other elderly people that desperately relied on and needed their pension money in case it happened to them. There was not even a flicker of concern or self-pity for herself. Despite the incredibly difficult few weeks that she had I was truly inspired by Anne and how upbeat she was and how her heart remained full.

Athletes inspire me. They push out the boundaries, they are on a constant quest of getting better and better, they play full out, giving their heart and soul to achieve better results, to be the best that they can be. They have the courage to put themselves out there again and again. Andy Murray immediately springs to mind. He had been beaten in 4 major grand slam finals and questions were asked would he ever win a major. For the Olympic gold medal match he was the overwhelming underdog going in to that match having been beaten by Roger Federer in the Wimbledon final just a few weeks before where he broke down in tears in defeat. He dusted himself down, picked himself up and brought it, he was ready and like a true champion he took his opportunity. And again just a few weeks later at the US open. Despite all of the naysayers the doubters and the press on his case and the pressure of there not being a British champion for 76 years. Andy went on court with one thing on his mind, victory. He left it all on the court that day he gave it everything and was triumphant at last to win his first major. It was Andy's destiny - it's testament to his strength of character, it was his spirit that carried him through.

Roger Bannister and the 4 minute mile. He was told that he wouldn't do it and that it couldn’t be done. He was told it was impossible and that he may suffer a coronary if he were to try. Roger pushed through and led the way. On the 6th May 1954 Roger broke the 4 minute mile. He ran it in: 3 min 59.4 sec. He believed he could do it and he did. In the following months a number of other athletes also broke the 4 minute mile.

I live in Richmond and therefore I'm close to Heathrow. When I see a Virgin plane fly over I think of Richard Branson and his values and what he's been able to create in his career to date. An incredible man that has created a legacy. Richard truly inspires me.

What Else Inspires Me?
Running inspires me. I run 5 to 6 times a week. I find I come up with my most inspired ideas on my runs. I like to push my body to the limits and to continue to improve performance.
I am inspired by the outdoors, green spaces, sea/river, mountains, wildlife, animals. I am inspired by people taking action, being active - biking, hiking, running, walking, skate boarding, roller blading etc.
Music inspires me. People pitching up at the tube station or in random places playing an instrument.
Art inspires me. People tapping in to their creativity.
Books & poetry inspire me.
The sun, blue sky, nature in its constant state of change.
Travelling immersing myself in new cultures. Learning new things inspires me.
Ice cream - Haagen Daz inspires me.
People that create a legacy inspire me.
My Dad.
Single parents and so much more.

To be around inspirational people is truly uplifting. Seek out your inspiration and surround yourself with it, people or things that truly inspire you.

Tune yourself in to find out who and what inspires you in your life. It's there in abundance we just have to change our frequency to tap in to it.

Who & What in your life inspires you? Who do you have in your life that shines a light for you..

Here's to inspiring and being inspired!

Author's Bio: 

Helen Roberts is a gifted leader, a popular trainer at live events, a coach and a mentor. Her fast-paced, authentic style, her incredible energy and passion will not only inspire you, you will be empowered knowing you can overcome your personal obstacles to be the best that you can be and live an incredible life!

Her philosophy is simple – she always encourages her clients to Find and Do something that they love. She encourages people to strive to be the best that they can be and achieve far greater success doing something that they love as opposed to working, doing something they hate, for a pay cheque.