I have written about, "Who Am I?" -- once before.

It is being written about again, because it is an important subject. As I related, I am 81, and I still ask, "Who am I?"

It is like looking into the mirror and looking for defects in one's life.

And, it is a beautiful and healthy thing to do!

Especially in job hunting. No one is perfect. And, one may change jobs often, or change careers. That is not a negative thing. It is a "positive" move. We have not been taught this. There are many things that are not taught in school.

There are some students, who are coached by parents/relatives, and they master a n career track...doctor...dentist, veterinarian, lawyer, teacher, minister. These young people know what they want, and go after it. But, I submit to you --- that many of us flounder for some time, and experiment in life as we go along.

No one is perfect. During the 1990s, I believe there was a movement about schools, to teach "value system." Honesty, truthfulness, and other values. But, many citizens were against this.

Johnny Cash had a song, "I crossed the line." Not sure of exact title, but there is a line in our social network, that we should not cross. Each individual must mark this line, and not cross it.Do your children understand this?

Are you under stress? Then, you need to understand, how to relax. Relaxation methods are: yoga, meditation, dancing, writing, singing, painting, self hypnosis, etc. There are many ways to relax.

Self esteem is a fancy word for "confidence." Parents should experiment, and teach children, how to be confident. Responsibility.

Give them assignments: "Return this pliers to our neighbor." In other words, get children to "think", and be responsible.

Respect. I have heard children say, "Dad is always asking me to respect him. But, how can I respect my parents, when they do not respect me.

Financial. Parents should take responsibility and teach values and financial responsibility, while they are children! Take children to bank each month. Let them see some of the bills.

Most parents do not do that. But, what is wrong with telling a child that your electric bill is $200 a month? Gasoline is $4.00 a gallon. After all, you earn so much money, and those bills must be paid.

Do not make these "negative" lessons. Keep them positive. And, in this way, the children will focus on jobs, careers, in early stages of their lives.

Love and sex. Children are not the best communicator, with parents. Have you noticed how they watch you. A parent, who smokes, will tell a child, "I don't want you to smoke!" That kid is watching, watching, and asking, "If they do not want me to smoke, why don't they give up cigarettes/" Unfortunately, many young parents are on drugs and alcohol. What are children learning from parents?

Education. In the 1950s, 1960s, many parents did not feel comfortable with our school system. We directed our children, "If you get into trouble at school, then you will get in trouble at home!

Now, that has changed. In many school districts, parents can get on computer, and check how student is doing, and see that the child is in school every day.

Then, parents, must venture farther than that. They must go over lessons, and visit the school. Unfortunately, some of us are not as smart as others. Parents must account for this, and work with the child at home ----- and visit teachers often, during the year. Send notes to the teacher.

Students now text each other, and are on computer nightly. The cellphone and computer connect students, like they have never been connected before. So, the parents must shadow students daily.

Sleepovers. What is wrong with sleepovers? Nothing, if children are mature enough. And, if parents know each other, and know what children are doing.

I have seen children, who go to basketball games. "I will go to Jack's house, after the game is over." Sounds good. But, after children are there for an hour or so, they will go to Jack's house. Then Jack will say, "Mom, I am going to my cousin's house. We will stay there overnight." Parents have lost control.

When you deal with children, it is like a game. But, if you have taught them well, and you respect them, things will turn out well.

Support system is wonderful. If you have given your children a support system, then that is a double security system. Uncles, aunts, relatives, friends, neighbors. And, it will be more difficult to deceive you and will give children more security. Know where your child, is at all times.

As a parent, it is up to you to teach values, encourage education, self education, and your many of your values will be copied by that child.

Since the 1980s, GREED, in the United States has grown rapidly. Maybe before, who knows? I am not sure how people can program "scams," on other people. Money is why they do this.

But, it would be impossible for me to sleep, if I have hurt someone's feeling, and taken their money, under false pretenses. Or, if I have damaged property of people. It has not bothered many Americans, because there are so many scams and people get taken every day.

In the beginning of this article, I have asked you, "Who are you?" Now, it is time to answer me.

Do you know who you are? And, what type of lifestyle are you living? On drugs? Alcohol? Gambler? If you are, how can children respect you, if you do not respect yourself and others.

Remembers, no one is perfect.

And, "nothing matters." Napoleon Hill wrote that in the 1920s---I believe that he meant...when something bad (adversity,hard times) has happened in your life....many months and years later...there will only be an imprint on your life.

Do not go back into your mind....it does not help and you can not undo past mistakes.

Look forward in life!

Charlie (the old man)

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Age 81, writer, working on self esteem. Love people. Talk about adversity. Forty minutes before I leave for homeless shelter, where I work. Fire alarm went off in senior apartment building. Someone fell. I had experience, so I helped until firemen came.
Love. charlie