Let me come right out and just say this to you – You are paying far too much attention to what everyone else thinks you should be doing and so it is getting in the way of you listening to your own unique money-maker.


Your internal wisdom is crying out but the sound of everyone else is clamouring for attention and you are not listening to ‘you’.


You think you do not know enough…


You think you are not enough…


You think you do not have what it takes and so you go around asking advice from the weirdest people and then even listening to it!!


Listening to it enough that you get in your own way when it comes to the release of your products, services, music, books, ministry!


You take what they say as gospel even though your internal wisdom is telling you that you are falling off the narrow path. You have taken a leap of faith to start doing the work you are called to do and yet now, you find yourself retreating back into your former shell because ‘they’ said that what you are trying to put out there is not good enough or not what people want.


Seriously – who on earth are you paying attention to?


The disgruntled, freebie- seeker, unsubscriber from your mailing list? Really – Their opinion counts because?!!!


The rude heckler on your Facebook page? Yes and so what that they thought whatever they thought?!!!! Did they put money down and buy from you? No, then why are you listening to them! Do they even have a profile picture? NO?!! Again why do they count?!


The friend who just wants you to be at their beck and call whenever they want you there? Can you not see through this yet? Can you not see that unless you determine to create your reality against the backdrop of people who want you to stay stuck in the same loopy pattern as them, then you will never escape this nonsense. Yes, you can love your friends but they do not get to determine how you spend your time. Unless they have done what you want to do and WON at it, they do not get a say! And you need to put those boundaries in place. You have enough trouble trying to get your head in the game and keep it there without the input of ‘loving’ friends who try to get you to hold back.


The partner who does not understand the driving passion beneath the surface? This one is particularly hard, I know and yet, you have to stop listening to the nonsense. It is just their fear talking and so you do your best to put them at ease without compromising on the work that you need to do to get results. In the end, when you win, they will come around anyway.


And so, yes you have all these people talking, talking, talking at you and I wonder where the voices of encouragement are?


It would seem that you have created a reality where most of the people who influence you are not on your side! It is as though you are trying hard to convince yourself that you cannot win this.


Where is the mentor/coach who will inspire you to greater heights? Have you created room for that? You know you need it but you are allowing your fears to create your reality instead of listening into the whispering of your internal wisdom as it tells you to find someone who can break you free of your inner naysayer.


Where is the mastermind group of winners and champions who are pushing forward and who simply expect you to do the same? That will make it seem normal to you to win at this game called business.


What books are you reading? Uplifting or disempowering ones? Even this is affecting your psyche, you know? What are you listening to on your car radio, on your smart phone? Where are the audio books and training that empower and lift you up?


What videos are you immersing yourself in on Facebook? The cat videos or the ones that inspire you to greatness? Are you deliberately filling your head with empowering thoughts?


You thought you could walk this path alone and so now, all you have around you are the naysayers and you are losing trust in what you are capable of making happen.


And so you dither, delay, doubt and DO ABSOLUTELY nothing and wonder why you are not getting anywhere!


Be real!


There are too many distracting influences in your life and hardly any of the more empowering kind.


Of course, you are struggling!


Take a moment, right now and ask yourself who you need to be working with to get the results you want. Take a LOT more control over who you allow to influence you!


You are a champion with a battle to win and you are getting distracted on every turn. It is time for you to design every area of your life including those who influence you.


Fight for, deliberately design the life you are born to live. It will not just happen, you know? You have to get deliberate about it.


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