Who actually believes in intuition?

Intuition in history.

Throughout history there have been strong believers in what their inner voice was telling them. The first inner voice followers in the historical record are found in the Bible, starting with Abraham. The Biblical account is that Abraham first took steps to follow an inner voice that told him to sacrifice his son, but then acted on his second inner voice telling him not to sacrifice his son because the gods had accepted the faith he had demonstrated by heeding his first inner direction. The Bible contains many more examples of following inner direction, like the story of Moses who heard God’s name from a burning bush and who received the Ten Commandments from guidance. In fact, scholars have said that eighteen of the thirty-nine books of the Old Testament were written by prophets who taught what they had learned from their inner voices.

Outside of the Bible, Buddha believed that deities advised him from within, and he was able to reach those deities through meditation.

Back to the Bible, the biblical account of Jesus of Nazareth includes many instances of his acknowledgement of guidance from his Father within.

Again outside of the Bible, Muhammad received many inner revelations, and those revelations comprise the basis of the Qur’an.

Intuition and sanity.

These historical figures who relied on their inner voice led spectacular and exemplary lives. They were definitely not crazy. In fact, they were so sane that some historians have called them “super sane.”

Founders of the worlds’ major religions believed in their inner voice.

The historical record reveals that most of the world’s major religions were founded by people who followed directions they believed that God had given them through their inner voice. This is true of Judaism, Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam. Over the years, billions of followers have believed in these religions founded by people who heard and followed their inner voice.

So, being guided by what you receive from within is not so unfamiliar to us. And the benefits of believing in inner guidance to answer your most pressing questions is demonstrated in the lives of the many super sane figures throughout history who have received accurate inner guidance on their most pressing questions.

Do you believe in intuition?

Who believes in intuition? We all do a little bit. And some extraordinary people throughout history have believed in their inner voice without any reservation at all—to the apparent benefit of humanity.

Why not try believing in your own intuition a little bit more by acting on what you receive? If you do, you will find that you are in good company.

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