There are a lot of immigration consultants providing support to people who want to move to the United Kingdom. The services of these immigration consultants try to meet the needs of the client, as the client is treated as an individual rather than as a name on the form. As the UK Government may tighten the legislation and the rules and regulations, one should opt for an immigration consultancy that focuses on immigration rather than the others that focus on all areas of law. Some may also have high costs, but the consulting services need to be checked and targeted.

The UK sole representative visa is a type of business visa which allows the representatives of the businesses overseas to work and live in the UK. The sole representative visa the UK is an entrance route that is appropriate for about all corporations – it enables abroad firms to build a UK presence without a major upfront investment of capital by opening branches or a wholly-owned subsidiary of the parent organization. Most firms also choose to send a single senior employee to the United Kingdom for testing the market and develop a market presence. Being a sole representative of the overseas business, you may also be able to travel to the United Kingdom under a single representative visa if you are:

• the sole representative of an overseas company, planning to register a United kingdom branch or establish a subsidiary company for an overseas parent company; or
• a worker of a news agency, overseas newspaper or broadcasting organization posted on a long-term assignment to the United kingdom

The Immigration experts help the representatives of overseas businesses in a variety of industries, including Health & Wellness, gems & jewellery, Information Technology, Electronics, Agricultural Food Processing Companies, Leather Goods Manufacturers, Industrial Products and Electrical Equipment Manufacturers.

To apply for UK spouse visa, you and your partner must be above 18 years old. Your partner should either be –

• Be a British citizen
• They have settled in the United Kingdom-for instance, they have indefinite leave to stay, evidence of permanent resident status or settled status.
• Have humanitarian protection or refugee status in the United Kingdom

After you apply, you and your partner must plan to live permanently together in the United Kingdom.
You have to be able to verify one of the following:

• You are in a marriage or civil partnership recognized in the United Kingdom
• You've have been living in a relationship together for at least 2 years when you apply.
• You are a fiancée, fiancé or proposed civil partner and will get married or enter into some kind of civil partnership in the United Kingdom within 6 months of your arrival.
If your civil ceremony or wedding has been delayed due to Coronavirus (COVID-19), you may still be able to submit an extension or request an extension of your stay. If your partner is having the settled status then you will be able to apply for family permit.

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There are a lot of immigration consultants providing support to people who want to move to the United Kingdom.