As our population ages, there are a number of health care professionals that we need every step of the way. From the birth of a baby all the way into retirement, there are 4 professionals who help your entire family through every stage of life.

Nurse Practitioner

Nurse practitioners are similar to doctors, with few differences. Doctors study and treat diseases, while nurse practitioners study and treat the patient. While they both see patients, write prescriptions, and order and analyze labs and other tests, the education requirements are different. One advantage for a family nurse practitioner is that they can often be more available when you need them. In addition, nurse practitioners come from a background of patient care and can spend more time getting to know you and your family history.

Specialized Doctor

Doctors spend up to 11 years in education and residency studying disease and various ways to treat it. During this time, many doctors specialize according to their individual interests and skills. Only a handful of states allow nurse practitioners to practice on their own. The rest require them to work under or consult with a doctor. Having a regular doctor that specialized in any diseases that affect your family covers all your bases and ensures that you are getting the best treatment possible.


A family dentist is important from the time the very first tooth appears. Routine dental care will ensure that healthy oral hygiene is a regular part of your entire family's overall healthy lifestyle. The most important job a dentist has is to prevent, diagnose, and treat problems with the teeth and gums. The dentist's goal is to ensure that your natural teeth last a lifetime.


Your family pets deserve as much love and attention to health care as the rest of the members of your family. A family veterinarian will provide regular check-ups, immunizations, and other preventative health care measures to keep your loved pet in tip-top shape. Pets are as prone to disease and injury as the rest of us, and having a trusted family veterinarian ensures that your pet will receive the best care possible. Many veterinarians also provide kennel services when the rest of the family travels and your pet can not come along.

Having these 4 medical professionals in your life will give you peace of mind and keep your entire family healthy throughout the different stages of life.

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