Before we talk about the treatment for erectile dysfunction, let’s, first of all, understand this illness that makes many women unhappy and even breaks many homes. There is no woman on earth that will be happy when her man cannot perform his duty in giving her the sexual satisfaction that is necessary for her mental and psychological balance, and this goes same for the man. It’s well known that human beings and even animals need sex not only for reproduction purposes but for their general wellbeing as well. In most cases erectile dysfunction is not natural, meaning it’s not inborn, people provoke it with unhealthy living habits such as masturbation, alcohol and drug abuses etc.

Now a day, due to increasing bad or unhealthy way of living, erectile dysfunction which affected mostly people of a certain advanced age such as 50years upward now affected young men in their twenties, this is as a result of environmental changes too, and this has been proven by many studies. So many researchers are alerting the population to this reality that is wrecking relationships around the globe. As time goes, more sexual deviances occur, a good example is the use of sex toys for masturbation by women which in the long run affects their sexual organs and their sexuality.

Young men now use porn to satisfy themselves through excessive masturbation, this explains why there are more sexuality problems as time evolves compared to the past. Before the age of 40, most of them are already using sexually oriented supplements such as virectin pills as opposed to 50 years in the past, the age at which men usually started noticing sexual problems.

What is Erectile Dysfunction?
Low sex drive accompanied with the inability to develop erections during a sexual intercourse process or difficulty faced in keeping an erection stable during such periods is what is widely known as erectile dysfunction, and contrary to what people think, it can happen to women too. In women, it happens mostly in the form of low sex drive.

Causes of Erectile dysfunction
Over the years, researchers and studies done by specialist have shown the causes of this dysfunction, and some of the causes of this ill include


Naturally, some people are predisposed to this phenomenon by birth. There are many cases of people who can’t get an erection due to the way their body organs functions, no matter the degree of masturbation, his penis will never erect, for the males. So, this condition is a natural cause and specialist will analyze to see if it can be remedied.


This is one of the most renowned causes of the sexual disorder, a lot of work and no rest leads to such a situation. People work a lot and even take some of their work back home thus limiting the time they have with their partners. A stressed person can’t erect and this has been proven by studies from confirmed and serious institutions


For any person to feel as to make love, they need to be in good health. Health issues such as kidney problems, cardio diseases, prostate cancer normally do not favor erections. This is understandable because during such periods all the energy of the body is concentrated on fighting the illness.

Alcohol and smoking

Alcohol consumption and smoking combined together to form one of the highest causes of erectile dysfunctions. Both drugs intake is harmful to the health and when taken in heavy amount leads to disorders.

Psychological causes

This is mostly due to situations like person mode, other emotional links and so on. Many people do not erect if not in the mode and thus can’t be a force. Others have linked their feelings to other sexual behaviors or objects, like the case of porn addicts who can’t erect well when with their partners.

How do we Get Rid of Erectile Dysfunction?

There are principally two broad ways of getting rid of ED that therapist will suggest or prescribe to patients. The first is psychological therapy and the other is the use of specialized man enhancement pills also known as supplements.

Psychologically, the therapist will recommend or prescribe a resting period depending on the level of the difficulty and gives a number of instructions to be followed, for example, spending for time with their partners, putting the time use for masturbation for sporting activities etc.

The use of male enhancement supplements is necessary in certain cases. As already mentioned a sample supplement is the virectin, and according to virectin reviews, some people are satisfied with the pills while others claim it didn’t treat their erectile dysfunction and thus do not recommend it.

There are always alternatives, the most important thing is to gain back the libido loss. So no matter the way in which you are treated, the most important thing is the outcome.

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