Building Plots For Sale has discovered that most Self Builders tend to be couples who are either middle aged or coming up to retirement. It seems that the people in these age brackets either own their own home or own most of it and therefore find themselves in a great place to be able to build their dream home. Often their children have left home and so they tend to take the plunge and go for it.

However this is not always the case. It seems that younger people are now opting to build their own homes as it gets them onto the property ladder much quicker. People who have connections to the construction industry or work in it themselves tend to fit into the younger group.

Normally those who undertake a self build project are self employed.

Many become property developers after completing their first self build as they tend to get addicted to it. Every one that they complete gets easier.

Not all of the self builds are built from scratch as land is scarce in the UK. There is not many building plots for sale or land for sale for the self builder to purchase. Therefore many self builders tend to turn to renovation. This can be just a big a task, for example barn conversions can be a big project.

Important Factors in the Self Build Market.

1. Media Attention. Without a doubt television programmes such Grand Designs and the magazines that accompany these shows have had a great deal of influence on people deciding to partake in building their dream home. People have noticed that it is possible to build their own home now whereas before they perhaps would not know where to start. Companies also hold exhibitions around the country at various times during the year, people attend these shows as realise that they could become a self builder.

2. The Savings. People have come to realise that if they build their dream home themselves and do not buy off a large volume builder then they can save up to 30%. This is just by cutting out the middle man.

3. Cut out the middle man. By cutting out the middle man people realise that they will own their own individual home and not the run of the mill houses that the big developers make in their thousands. The big developers tend to build so many houses in such a small space that the houses tend to have small rooms and small gardens. This is not the case of you build your own home ad you are in control of room size etc…

According to a Norwich and Peterborough Building Society they revealed in a report that 70% of home owners had considered building their own home. Whilst Taylor Wimpey are the biggest developers in the country with an estimated 22,000 house completions a year, Britain's Self Builders come in second with an estimated 20,000 completions.

Why is Self Building struggling to expand?

The reason that the growth of the self build market is not greater is because of the limited availability of land. We at Building Plots For completely understand how hard it is to find the ideal plot of land in the area that you want. There are always more people looking for plots of land than there are plots available. It is estimated that around 6,000 plots are available in the Uk whilst 50,000 people are actively looking. It is always the urban areas that the demand is much higher. This is because people normally want to build within their area and so this pushes the prices of the plots in these areas up. However in rural areas where builders also like to develop, planning puts constraints on them so that this is sometimes not possible. If more land was available then the self build market would definitely increase.

However where land could be possible to build on it is often the case that the big property developers have an Option to Purchase agreement on the land anyway. This could allow them to have a hold over the land for many years.

So it is essential that if you are considering a self build project then you need to look for a possible plot of land. Our site will be available to source any land that you may be interested in. All you have to do is email us at and we will be only too willing to help.

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