Whew, empaths around the world are finally beginning to know they are empaths. When I published the first book for empaths in English, even I didn't use that word consistently. The title was Empowered by Empathy!

Today, many people are wondering if they are empaths. That makes sense because my research has shown that 1 in 20 people on earth now have been born as an empath, naturally talented for life.

Notice this important point, "Naturally talented" does not mean "Naturally skilled." Just the opposite.

* Empaths, what you don't know could hurt you

Being an empath is different from being a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) or being an "emotional person" or many other things. Did you know?

* If you don't know whether or not you're an empath, you're not a skilled empath.
* If you don't even know what it means to be a skilled empath, with all respect, you're not a skilled empath.
* Until you learn an effective set of skills to become a skilled empath, you're not a skilled empath.
* Becoming skilled does not happen just because you now have a shiny new name for yourself, such as "Intellectual Empath" or "Environmental Empath."
Merely being talented does not, and cannot, and never will make you a skilled empath.
* Who cares? Unskilled empaths constantly pick up STUFF from others. That STUFF goes all the way into people's auras, creating problems at a subconscious level. * Some problems, the unskilled empath will be aware of. Mostly, the unskilled empath won't even know about... but that won't keep the empath from suffering.

* If you are an empath, what can help you have a better life?

For starters, know that much of the conversation today about emotional blackmail, energy vampires, narcissists, and psychic attack doesn't help at all. Blaming others, or being frightened by them, or choosing people to avoid in life -- this is not an effective way to become skilled as an empath.

Okay, I'll be blunt. This is a way to become a weaker person, since more and more people must be avoided as time goes on.

(Incidentally, you can type any of these terms into the SEARCH box on the top left of this page and read more about energy vampires, narcissists, psychic vampires, and psychic attack, ideas that you may find reassuring and helpful, ideas generated because I have done thousands of personal sessions of Aura Healing working directly with clients. Some of them came to me complaining about just these problems.)

* If you are an empath, what ELSE can help you have a better life?

Have respect for this field of healing or don't waste your time. This idea has come up recently at the blog in the context of cutting cords of attachment. It's similar to empowering yourself as an empath.

* If you're going to use the Quickie Method to cut cords, or try to "cut all your cords at once," you're better of doing nothing.
* And if you're going to just casually dabble in knowledge about becoming a skilled empath, you'll win a "Nice Try" Award, but not much else.
* Now, becoming a skilled empath is very doable. It will take maybe 60 hours -- out of your entire life. This is not a quick grab-and-go skill set, not if you want to do it properly.

I'm sharing this idea because I'm someone whose commitment to this field runs so deep that she has obtained a trademark for a systematic way to help empaths -- and Empath Empowerment(R) is the only trademark of this kind now in America. So I don't know everything about this field. But I do know some things that can help you.

Mostly this post is for fun, and meant to be very interactive. But first, here are some very practical points that can help you right now if you suspect you might be an empath:

1. Find out if you are an empath. That means learning which gift(s) you have. It also means questioning some of the crazy-wrong definitions out there... even by authors who have now published books for empaths.

Being an empath does NOT necessarily mean anything about picking up on people's emotions. There are two different emotional gifts you might have as an empath, Emotional Intuition and/or Emotional Oneness.

But you might be just as much an empath if you have a gift that is spiritual, intellectual, physical, animal, environmental, mechanical, crystal, plant, even molecular.

2. Once you find out if you are an empath, give your talent the respect it deserves. Become skilled as an empath. This is different from just saying you are an empath with a particular gift.

By analogy, owning a bicycle or being able to name "handlebars" and "seat" does not mean that you can ride the thing.

3. Whichever system to help empaths you choose, or blog you read, or book you read, or teacher(s) you study with, or healer you ask to help, PLEASE use your consumer smarts. Are you just being given a rehash of things that psychotherapists have talked about for years? I'm a fan of therapy and counseling, but not necessarily for helping empaths develop an effective skill set.

Okay, I know that some people love to feel like victims, and wish to be pitied. This can be a perfectly fine way to explore a lifetime. But receiving this kind of "help" has nothing to do with becoming a skilled empath.

* Now, bring on the Empath Life List

Here's what we're going to do at this blog post. We're going to list empaths who are effective in life, one way or another -- public figures to some degree, whether they are politicians or writers or actors or musicians or community organizers. I'll kick things off with a list of 20.

You're invited to add comments where you nominate people for the Empath Life List.

Your nominee must be a person who has a website and reputation for being effective in society, a newsmaker of sorts with a wide sphere of influence.

To nominate, you do not have to know for sure whether or not that person is a born empath. That's the part where I'll research for you, going over every single comment here at this blog, provided that the nomination is done properly.

To be considered, each nomination should include the nominee's name, the type of work the person does, and a direct link that shows a photo with that person. (Just like the links at our Enlightenment Life List.)

The photo should have at least the face and neck from a front view. A full torso view from the front would make it easier for me. :-)

Of course, "direct link" means a string of http that can be pasted into a browser. It is NOT a link from within a site like Facebook.
Aren't you curious?

There may be many people you admire enormously. But are they empaths or not?

I want to learn about your nominees in that way. So I will comment back to you, straight up and down, empath or not empath.

Empaths will go onto the list, non-empaths merely will receive comments.

No, I will not go into detail into which empath gift(s) are in that person's aura. You might know why I don't do that from reading my more recent how-to for empaths, Become the Most Important Person in the Room: Your 30-Day Plan for Empath Empowerment. Either that book or Empowered by Empathy can be used to turn yourself into a Skilled Empath)

Let's have fun with this, Blog-Buddies. Remember, you can comment easily at this blog. You don't have to join anything. You can be anonymous easily, too: At the start of your comment include words like "Rose, make this anonymous." Easy!

BROWSE the list and add your nominees at http://www.rose-rosetree.com/blog

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