Speaking of imagination, I think seen before a press, an American mother sued the child's kindergarten, because the children learned to twenty-six words in kindergarten his mother, pointing to the circle that this is the letter O, not said it was an apple or an egg, the mother that the child should lose his imagination. This issue for many Chinese parents, it may be absurd, because they from the child not yet born, might have let him know of the twenty-six letters.

Who limits the children's imagination?
Think back to your school of writing, when such a sentence ever written, ‘the class was over, some students are doing ... some students are doing well students are doing ... Our after-school life ah how rich!’ ‘ in the classroom was very quiet, and even can hear a pin drop. ‘’ A group of geese flying over the air, the lines for a row of adults will be arranged for a word line. ‘If you found a wallet, then there will always be two guys fighting in brain, one that quickly change the owner, and the other said, you are very tired today, buy a Popsicle it! Primary School Games, some people will fall down pick back up, although the last one but still to finish the race. All students will have 80% of the children in the petit Ming, there will be called red or Xiaogang, since they are the junior's.

Now we seem to feel ridiculous to look at the composition, but then this is essay, each test Bibei things, and then been affected so far, we have the imagination to be confined to such a. Look at the college entrance examination in recent years out of writing, you will find that they all have one common feature, false plot, exaggerated words, ideas, confusion, usually a pile of rhetoric, but often these are a prerequisite for good writing and there were stereotyped article format. Chinese children do not really have the creativity and imagination it?

12-year-old girl writing auction 10 million yuan !
Writing a 12-year-old girl sold for 10 million! This is a man named 'use our creativity for a solitary aged ' campaign, an ordinary 12-year-old girl's essay ' My dad is a panda,' the final auction of 10 million, has become the event of a major News, purchase this article is the world famous art collector, Mr. Sigg, he said he did not understand Chinese, and no writer's manuscripts collection have been to China, but through an interpreter that, this essay with my father in life " black and white "to describe black and white on both sides Panda, creativity is very good. I read this essay, perhaps to take the examination in this essay can not score, because it does not rhetoric, not endless sentence parallelism, but this article has included the child's creativity, including a father that on copies of love. In the exhibition there are going to the toilet with the panda made of Venus sculptures, made with the waste giant Transformers ... I also know that imagination is not luxury, money can not also a measure of the imagination, but at least it can be proved our children's imagination and does not disappear.

Stimulate the imagination of your mind now! Let it fly with wings! Recently NASA discovered a black hole, you feel through the black hole would be like the world? Full play to the imagination it! For example through the hole, you will see yourself 20 years later?

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