It seems like everyone wants to know who is more likely to cheat and what the signs are. Well the plain truth of the matter is that you absolutely have no control over the actions of another person. They will cheat if they want to. Whatever they want to do, they will do it.

Don’t take it personally; it's not be your fault. You probably do everything right in the relationship, but some people just wander. I say this because we are really just a mixture of animals and energy and when you combine the two you’re talking about spontaneous combustion. Some people can control it better than others.

It’s an easy out for a lot of people; especially to someone that doesn’t want to put the work needed into building and keeping a relationship. If there’s an argument or they don’t get their way, that person just might be out on the prowl. I wish there were more marriages that lasted forever. Sometimes it feels like we lost the innocence and respect, like chivalry has died. When was the last time you saw a man open the car door for his wife/girlfriend? It is not that common anymore.

What are the signs to look for? Well, if you have to look for something then you already have a doubt in your mind about him/her. Why are you wasting your time checking for signs about your mate? Isn’t your life worth living as much as theirs is? Look at all the time and energy that has been wasted.

What if they did? This is the most important question. How would you handle it? Would it be goodbye forever? Do you have the strength to endure it? Would you want to?

Let’s get into some of the reasons: boredom, control factor, not getting any at home, jealousy of wife/husband, can never stay loyal anyway, had to be cool around friends, a flirt that went too far. You see, there are a ton of excuses why. So I say, take a good look inward, now go through your grieving period (you have to grieve, it was a relationship that you had) and after the cry, get up and get on with your life.

It just isn’t worth any more sorrow or pain to dwell on it.

This is when your family and friends realize that things have changed. Take your best friend up on that offer for coffee or a night out. Get out around people as much as you can. Don’t jump into another relationship right away; give yourself time to heal.

There is hope, don’t give up on that. Just like good grapes and bad grapes, some are sourer than others. Don’t beat yourself up for pulling a sour grape, there are plenty more where they came from.

People change, they grow and the ideals and things that might have attracted you might have changed. They simply grow apart and that is no one’s fault. Hold on, but don’t hold on too tightly, it might just be suffocating the other person. And if someone cannot be there for you, then it really isn’t a relationship after all is it.

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