The concept of splitting the bill when out with your friends for a meal or coffee for example, each paying for themselves, is a terrible thing because it robs us of the joy of giving and joy of receiving. Not only the joy is lost, but there is a far more insidious problem that invades our heart.

In take turns treating each other, we create a loving world. This way we get the joy of giving and the joy of receiving. This is important because, if sincerely done with joy and an open heart, we also get the feeling of being cared about and loved.

The western world is a selfish, self-centered world. People feel alone, that they do not have anyone they can depend on in times of need, and that is scary. We all know that life can bring some rough times and if no one will be there to help us out, especially if the need is very large, then we need to live in a very selfish manner.

The subtle things in life always have a bigger impact on our mind and heart than we realize. The saying; “The devil is in the details” expresses that very well. It is in the little details which the devil that manipulates our mind and feelings hides so that we do not realize what is behind the way we live.

Because food is such a large part of our social interactions, and such a fundamental part of life, it is a very worthy example.

If we always pay for ourselves, we strengthen the feeling of being alone, isolated and that no one will be there to take care of you in times of need. This creates fear, selfishness and closed heartedness due to the perceived reality of having to take care of yourself because no one else will be there if you need help.

Do not discount the impact of what I have just said. We all know that there is a pervasive feeling of being alone and only an open mind to explore subtle reasons can find a cure.

Find every way possible in your life to give to your friends. Take turns on who pays the whole bill, invite them for a meal at your house and take care of the whole meal rather than a ‘pot luck’ or ‘bring your own plate’.

I was shocked to hear about a wedding where the guests were asked to bring their own food. Yes, they say they will all share, but effectively that is saying you have to provide your own food at our celebration. That is not a celebration!

A happy life is one in which we feel safe and not alone.
We feel safe by knowing that no matter what happens, total destitution, we have friends who will take us in, feed, cloth and house us, so we will never be totally lost.
The daily events of our life create our feeling of safety or fear.
Live a life that each moment makes you feel cared for and builds a feeling that no matter what happens to you, you will always be safe and taken care of, and never alone.

The trend has to start somewhere, so let is start with you. Spread this article around to all your friends and start living a life of giving and sharing, building a deeper feeling of friendship, connection and mutual support.

The greatest joy is the joy of giving. In order to have that joy, someone has to receive. Let’s all take turns giving and receiving instead of splitting it down the middle. That splitting divides a lot more than just the bill.

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