The prices of wedding dresses can be so high that one really needs to be absolutely sure that the one they have chosen is worth its cost. What that means in practice is that before you decide on a given dress you need to double-check if it is comfortable and that it fits your figure. In order to do that properly you need to know the outside perspective. That is why you should always have someone to accompany you during this wedding dress hunt.

The question arises who to ask then. Relying on boutique's staff is rarely a good idea. Obviously, some of them will compliment your looks in a given dress because you really look good in it, however, the most probable scenario is that you will hear a lot of praise, even if a certain gown looks terrible on you, simply to boost the sales of the store. Moreover, you cannot rely on men as well. As for your fiancé goes, he must not see the dress before the wedding so he cannot go with you. As for other men, your dad, for example, they will also give you a lot of high praise regardless of what kind of a gown you are trying on just to make you buy it and finally be able to go home and watch sports.

The truth is that the first person you should ask to go with you is your bridesmaid. It is one of her duties to help a bride with any preparations for a wedding, especially when it comes to preparing a bride for a wedding. However, that is only the formal reason why you should do so. Most probably your maid is your best friend as well so you will be able not only to rely on her judgement but also have a ton of fun while shopping together.

However, the most likely choice for a bridesmaid is an unmarried woman. Therefore, your friend may not know what to look out for especially when choosing a bridal gown. Here is where your mum can help a great deal. First of all, she has already walked down the aisle and she knows what may be some potential problems with wedding dresses. For example, her own could be a little to tight in waist and she will warn you to pay special attention to that detail when choosing a design. What is more, over the years she have probably developed a much greater fashion sense than you, or your maid for that matter, have. On the other hand, your mother, just like the majority of parents, is probably a traditionalist. Because of that she will probably be slightly biased towards casual wedding dresses which can be a problem if you would like to wear something more brave or original.

Overall, you should remember to take someone with you when shopping for a wedding dress. This third person perspective will allow you to spot any imperfections in the design you have chosen and in order to make sure that you can rely on the advice of that third person a good thing to do is to go with your bridesmaid or your mum. The best thing to do, though, is going together with your maid and your mum.

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Jane Jills is a fashion and wedding writer, with a keen interest in the casual wedding dresses and everything else connected with choosing the right wedding gowns.