Do you want to find out how to fix a break up? Are you worried that your ex has moved on without you and is happy with someone else? I don't blame you for feeling panicky since break ups can be very hard to deal with. Read on and find out how to fix a break up before it happens.

How to Fix a Break Up: Find out what you Can Control

There's really no point worrying over things that you can't manipulate. You have to understand that if you want your ex back, the only thing you can manipulate is yourself.

No matter how you wish you can, you don't have power over your ex's feelings and emotions. You can't do anything to make them change their mind and want you back. Coercing your ex back in your life is a sure way to make them run as fast as possible away from you. If you're determined to get your ex back and how to fix a break up then read and apply the next step given.

How to Fix a Break Up: Understanding the No Contact Rule and Using It

The No Contact Rule is exactly what the name suggest. Make sure that you don't contact your ex at all. This means preventing yourself from sending emails, texts or even smoke signals.

Breathing space is something your ex needs right now. He or she needs to think over life without any distractions coming from you. Frequently contacting them makes your ex feel as though you are "convincing" them to pick up the relationship. Even if you don't actually say the words, the constant attention makes it seem as though you don't want the break up to happen.

With the No Contact Rule, your ex basically has the time to live the consequences of their decision. This is why it actually does more damage than good to stay friends after a break up. If you play the "friends" card, that makes it possible for your ex to have you but still not be in a relationship with you. Does this sound right to you? Of course not!

How to Fix a Break Up: Attract your Ex Back to You by Improving on Yourself

Instead of wallowing on your break up, focus on something else like improving your life. Now you're probably asking yourself how developing yourself will bring your ex back in your life.

Boost up your confidence and reconnected with friends and family by going together, taking up sports or even working on specific career goal.

Focusing solely on yourself allows you to stop depending on your ex and instead learn how be independent and keep yourself happy. This is the best way that you can fix a break up. Once you feel happy with yourself, you'll find the confidence to get your ex back in your life.

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