The legendary American mystic from Virginia Beach, Virginia, Edgar Cayce, gave approximately 2500 life or reincarnation readings for some 2000 different individuals. Needless to say, most of them were delighted to receive information on their previous incarnations, and a few were startled to discover their past connections to historical individuals and events.

Mrs. 5373 was one of the last people to be granted a life reading from the very-ill Edgar Cayce, who would shortly after suffer a stroke which would ultimately result in his death six months later. Her friend, Mrs. 808, had received twenty medical and past-life readings from Edgar, so Mrs. 5373 had some idea of what she might discover from her past, but the results certainly propelled her into the startled minority. Mrs. 5373 was not present in Virginia Beach when her reading took place; she was at her home in Washington, D.C., and therefore we can only imagine her reactions when she opened the envelope and commenced to read its contents. As an experiment, pretend that you are Mrs. 5373 and you just received your first, and only from Edgar Cayce, reincarnation reading. Imagine how you would have reacted to the excerpts from the reading below. I am reproducing only the highlights, not the entire, rather long reading.


15. Before that we find the entity was in the Holy Land and when there were the foregatherings at Bethsaida. Then the entity knew the Master. For it was one of the entity's children who was among those first blessed by the Master, when it became necessary to rebuke the Disciples for their attempting to rebuke the peoples. Thus, as is indicated in the symbol, the Cross, as well as Holy Writ. For as the Master gave Himself, "Search the scriptures, for in them ye think ye find eternal life and they are they that speak of me." [DS: For reference see Matthew 19:13-15, Mark 10:13-16, and Luke 18:15-17.]

17. Before that we find the entity was in the Egyptian land when there were those beginnings of the preparation for the coming of the lawgiver [DS: Moses]. The entity was among those of the maids to the princess of Egypt, and the individual who waded into the river to bring the little ark or bassinet ashore with the babe in same. About the babe were lilies, which is a portion of the symbol, and it is a gentle reminder of the law given by the entity [DS Moses] whom the servant or maid brought to this princess.

18. The name then was Abatha. [DS: See Exodus 2:1-10]

19. Before that we find the entity was in the early, early days, when there was the garden called Eden. There we find the entity was among those who looked on the activities of the mother of mankind. The entity then was among the "things" and yet was touched in person, was touched in heart, and sought to know the meaning of same, for it saw then fruit, leaves, trees, which had their spiritual meaning in peoples' lives.

20. The name then was Suz. [DS: The "things" referred to above were beings which were part human and part animal or bird or fish, etc. And you thought mermaids and centaurs were mythological like most people do, did you not? The Edgar Cayce readings, such as this one, provide information on the cause and existence of these part-human creatures, but that explanation is much to long and complicated for this article.]

Before we bring this story to a close, I would like to draw your attention to a related excerpt from reading 608-7:

15. Before that we find the entity was in that now known as the Palestine land, or the Holy Land, during those periods when the Master walked in the earth.

16. The entity then was among the children of the household of Cleo, the wife of Peter and his peoples; or the one that was set SECONDLY as the child blessed by the Master when He said, "Suffer little children to come unto me, and forbid them not, for of such is the kingdom of heaven."

18. The entity, then, in the name Junie, gained; though in the latter portion came suffering, yet the entity - when Peter came from prison - was among these that, with Rhoda, opened the door to let Him in, though the prison door had opened to his touch. [DS: Refresh your memory with Acts 12:3-17]
Junie, as stated in paragraph 16, was the daughter of the Apostle Peter and his wife Cleo, and she was blessed by the Master at the same time as Mrs. 5373's child, as indicated in 5373-1, paragraph 15, at the top of the article.
Well, did your interest in having a past-life reading change over the previous ten minutes or so as you progressed through today's story from the Edgar Cayce psychic readings? Hope So!

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