Any time we are operating away from our true path or living away from the essence of Who You Really Are then Life uses Change to bring us back into alignment.

Sometimes it takes acts of chaos and unexpected traumatic events to show us who we really are. This is what you are seeing now…. to yourself and those around you.

The times in our life when we go through great challenges, anxiety and pain… and “hanging by a thread” extremes, it is understandable to see why we don’t see the ‘gift’ in the lessons presented to us. We question Life to gain an understanding of why we have to go through this trial by fire and what we did to deserve it.

This attitude comes from looking at a situation from the notion that only good things happen to good/deserving people.

Life provides the motive for us to deal with our core issues by orchestrating ongoing and increasingly more intense situations which create the degree of discomfort necessary to push us into allowing and working on the release of our bottlenecks and resistance.

In order for our current Reality to change to the new Reality where we already have what we truly desire, our current beliefs and unresolved core issues must be reviewed and either modified or released and then replaced with new life affirming beliefs.

We are currently where we are because of the current beliefs and unresolved core issues that are holding us here. In order for our life to change, we must change.
Change affects each of us differently, depending on the impact that Change would have on our lives and also in how “stuck” we are in remaining in our comfort zones.

Funny thing about comfort zones, no matter how bad or stagnant our life is, or how dangerous it may be to our physical and/or mental health (or that of our loved ones) the fear of not knowing what is beyond what we can see becomes so overpowering to us that some would rather remain in a no win situation than take the risk of having what they deserve.

Fear robs people of their dreams, Life doesn't.

Sometimes Change is brought about naturally, involuntarily.

We think we didn't cause the Change to occur, but in actuality, on some level these Changes were set in motion for our growth and evolution. Some may regard these Changes as Destiny.

I recently received a fortune cookie that slices through ten thousand years of philosophical theory:
"Your Place in the Path of Life is in the Drivers Seat."

In order for our outer lives to Change, our inner beliefs must first Change; for the energy of our thoughts, emotions, and actions control our perceptions. This in turn creates what we see as our reality.

The capacity of Knowing puts you in the 'driver's seat' --- it gives you the power to act from objectivity and to more easily flow with the Process of Change in creating and receiving your highest good.

When you know why something is happening then you can remove yourself from the abyss of emotionalism, and instead, function from objectivity.

When you know how to create and receive a desired result then you feel and respond in control. When you know what issue requires your awareness or what test is being presented then you can make the decision of how you wish to handle it.

The Only Constant in Life is Change … and Only With Change Comes Opportunity.

Jan White, LFIBA,RMT,D.D., Holistic Counselor, REIKI Master Teacher, Wellness Columnist and Radio Show Host, specializes in issues of empowerment, anxiety, depression, relationships, communication issues, unresolved core issues, mastering Life's Changes, transitions, Spiritual Emergence, and healing chronic/traumatic illness. She can be reached at (509) 230-1964 and her website is

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Originally providing business consulting services for organizations and companies, Jan White,LFIBA,RMT,D.D. quickly realized that it was the beliefs of the employees and managers that kept the business, relationships, and the individual them self where they were at, both professionally and personally. This realization then became her lifelong focus: assisting and facilitating individuals and businesses to become more empowered, to master, and be the master, of the journey of Change and to bring into their life what they truly desired. It is with the magical adventure of rediscovering Who You Really Are that we are placed once again on the path and direction of what, how, and when so as to manifest what is in our best interest and highest good. With the services of Jan’s company, ARTISTRY OF CHANGE, clients are assisted in a holistic approach, effecting each and every area of their life and each of their 4 bodies: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. ARTISTRY OF CHANGE specializes in counseling issues of anxiety, trauma, depression, relationships, loss, unresolved core issues, Spiritual Emergence and chronic illness. REIKI also plays a key part in this process and Jan, as a USUI REIKI Master Teacher, includes this within her approach.

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