Who am I? Have you ever asked that? Its a good question and the answers change as we change. "You are who you are...even before you know...who you are."

When we are born, we have certain genes,personality traits and emotional ranges from our parents. As we grow older, these "gifts" grow as our relationships and environment grows. Our talents begin to show as well.
For example:
A child has an affinity toward drawing. If pursued and nutured by the parents,teachers and professors this talent can grow into a career filled with promise.

Why am I writing this? Because I have observed that as some of us get older, we forget who we were meant to be. We allow the "things"of life to quench the fires of our youth. Our past is designed to be our teacher.

So my question to you is: Who are you? Have you allowed the daily grind of responsibility take away your zest for life? If you are reading this, it is not
too late to make a choice to change.

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David Wayne Thompson.

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