I am often asked why I write these journal entries or articles on a monthly basis and not long ago I would have probably thought that I would be silly to do such a thing. Oh well, I have changed and it is what it is. I would not call myself an author, but just someone who enjoys speaking with words onto this computer screen knowing that in addition to myself, many people out there in cyber-space are reading and helping them to make positive changes in their lives. I know that this is true because I have had numerous responses over the past four months all saying so. I also take pride in knowing that some day my four children will be able to look back at this site and share with my grandchildren what I have taken so much pride in doing.
I have set out to share my thoughts and messages on a weekly basis. As I write, I am almost giving myself therapy in a sense to hold myself to a higher standard. What I write is public for the world to see regardless of who actually reads it, I know that I am accountable to live up to my own declarations. If I write it, I mean it and stand behind it. I learned and continue to learn that in order to be a person of excellence and integrity, I must be exactly what I say and write about. I can tell you that I have come along way in my own personal development. I know that there will always be room for improvement and so far I’m enjoying the journey.
We all have certain personalities that seem to follow us forever but what most of us don’t realize is that we don’t have to simply be who we’ve always been. We can be who we want to become without abandoning our core traits. I have an exact picture in my mind of who I am and who I also want to become. This takes practice and daily action. I like me, but I really like the me that I continue to work at. I am a husband, father, friend, employer, colleague, joker, son, teammate and the list can go on. The person that I continue to work at becoming fits the mold for all the different jackets I wear.
I challenge you to take a real close look at you. Are you a person of excellence and integrity? If you are then great, but if you are not, what are you doing about changing your direction? Imagine for a minute living in a society that was growing exponentially in the area of personal development, people actually working harder every day to become a better person and not just working harder at paying the mortgage at the end of the month. I get greater satisfaction each day while working at becoming a better person than anything I have ever done. It is quite interesting the direct relationship between my improving upon my personal development and my success. I would love to hear more of your feedback and positive changes in your life. I can not begin to tell you how rewarding it is to hear from the most random of people and their sharing of ideas and outlooks on what you read on this site. It makes me tick and thank you all in advance.

Make it the best day ever!!!


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My name is Scott Coletti, a physician, author, and internet entrepreneur. I am a Leader in the Plan-B-Pros and Life Path Unlimited Industry. I assist those who want to lead as well. I am married with four beautiful and healthy children and reside in Belleair, Florida.