Are you someone in life who has already accepted themselves for who they are? You are fully aware of you place in life and do not anyone to tell you what you do. You trust and accept you own judgement with a high level of self-respect.

Successful people exude this self-respect and are often smiling for no good reason. They are just happy with themselves.

So what happens when this is the other way round?

What if you do not trust your own judgement and live in fear of making decisions. You really struggle to take action without looking for a guide to saying “yes that is right to you”.

The problem here of course is the person you seek for approval is not the expert on you. They may be given sound advice based on their view of the world but they are not you. You are unique and in order to reach true self-acceptance you must take charge of your own life instead of this constant need of the approval of others.

You cannot let forces outside of you control how you feel when you have the ability to do this yourself. You should not let other peoples comments bother you, be it from a partner, at work or a by a complete stranger. They could all affect how you feel but why should they. Only you give them the power to hurt you by accepting what they say instead of ignoring it.

The ups and downs that occur in life are just a natural process. You win some, you lose some. You cannot spend your life sitting on the fence avoiding taking risks. You will just get frustrated with your own lack of ability to achieve what you actually want.

It is time to change the behaviour maintaining your low self-esteem level. Here are some suggestions of how to do it:

1) Accept yourself right now as you are. Acknowledge both your strengths and weakness but use them both to your advantage.

2) Talk to yourself in only positive terms. Never put yourself down again

3) Reward yourself every time you take action, no matter how big or small the step, celebrate it.

Only you can decide what is right for you in your life. Always remember you are unique and therefore take control of all the decisions made that directly influence your behaviour.

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