Wholesome Career Living Inc, a career planning and life transition management company has launched a news portal to provide industry-specific news on career planning, with parallels in life transition management and publishing.

Victoria, BC – June 20, 2012

Wholesome Career Living Inc. has created a niche destination site around the topics of career planning and life transition management with an added parallel in publishing.

“As a provider of Whole Life Career Solutions, our company’s goal is to make available to our customers and clients, tools and resources that will help them make informed decisions as they work on engaging their careers and personal lives towards purposeful living” says Company President and CEO Tolu Adeleye, Ph.D.

“Through provision of this website, we aim to serve our clients better by offering valuable content delivered in a manner that filters out the noise and in an easily accessible platform”.

At www.wholesomecareerliving.net news and opinion are collated from various sources in the industries – current events, government, opinion leaders, experts and practitioners of the trades. These are then prioritized, categorized and delivered in a variety of ways.

The career news include but are not limited to the categories:

• career advice
• career transition
career change
• workforce reentry

The life transition management news include categories of:

• loss and grief

The additional parallel on publishing targets readers who might want to pursue this avenue when at crossroads in their life or career. The categories include:

• publishing coach
• eBooks

The organization of news on the portal makes it easy for visitors to find news that overlap the industries of career planning and life transition management such as career advice for the recent divorcee. This aligns well with the company’s core value of provision of whole life career solutions.

Visitors who on the other hand, are focused on any one of the industries -careers, life transitions or publishing- will find news in their area of interest as specifically categorized and under trending topics.

Readers have the choice of having industry-specific news delivered to them through subscription to one or more of the daily newsletters or subscription to the site’s RSS feeds. Moreover, the website’s content is fully searchable and visitors have the option of registering at the site and participating in the discussions on the contents.
In addition, the WholesomeCareer blog, the company blog which is also part of the website provides thoughts, insights and views on the industry by the company staff.

The company’s goal is that the website will become the center for career news while providing information on management of life transitions so that our clients and industry patrons will have access to up-to-date content through the portal.

To read, subscribe or comment on the daily news and opinion on career, life transition management and publishing, visit the site at www.wholesomecareerliving.net


Author's Bio: 

Wholesome Career Living Inc. is a provider of – Whole Life Career Solutions – a compendium of services that cover the full career continuum from first employment to post-retirement work. The company’s mission is to equip individuals -either at crossroads or during steady phases of their lives- with tools and resources for establishing a career, nourishing it and enriching its progression in order to radiate goodness to their whole lives.

Tolu Adeleye, Ph.D.
Wholesome Career Living Inc.
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