Imagine you're attending a live theatre show with friends. It's interval and the inevitable question comes up: What do you think of the show so far?” This particular show is rather different and it's vitally important to you - it's called “Your Life”. You're the star, the director, producer and script writer.

So, what do you think of your life so far? Like the stage show, there'll be parts you've liked and parts you haven't, people you've liked and people you haven't. Are you hoping the second half of the show will be as good as, or better than, the first half?

There's some other noteworthy factors about this show:

It's the opening night and it's also closing night - there's only one performance
There's no rehearsal
The script is being written as you go and much of the early parts were predominantly written by others for you.
How much are others still dictating to you what the script should be? Do you feel life generally is writing the script for you? In other words, do you feel you're simply being swept along by influences outside of your control?

A play is written against a backdrop of external events but the plot is created by the writer. It's the same in real life. You may not have control over the events that affect your life, but you most certainly have control over how you decide to respond to them. Therefore, no matter what is going on around you, you have the right and the power to write your own script.

The influences on your script so far can be looked at in terms of your work, home life and play (your discretionary interests). Of these, you may well have had the least control over your work, greater control over your home life and the greatest control over your personal discretionary interests which reflect how you enjoy expressing your true self.

Probably, however, the areas over which you have the greatest control have been given the lowest priority in your life's development. Look at it this way. An acorn has all the ingredients to become an oak. Nature provides the necessary soil and water to reach its inevitable destiny of blossoming into a majestic tree. You were once the size of an acorn in your mother's womb. That embryo contained all the ingredients needed to be who you are today - and much more. But life stunts our growth and we're distracted from blossoming to our full potential.

Now is the time to remind yourself that the show has only one performance - and who knows how long it will be? It's time to focus on the person within you, more than the world around you.

In scripting the rest of “Your Life”, get back to discovering, exploring and enjoying all of your embryonic talents and abilities that have been lying dormant or under-developed within you. There's a wonderful person in there who so often hides behind a public mask, a passionate being who has much to offer but who is suppressed in favour of society's version of success.

Focus the rest of your life on enjoying being the person your natural talents were begging you to become, the person who enjoys being the real you. The spin-offs will surprise you in terms of not only greater personal life satisfaction, but also better relationships with others, improved work/life harmony and a higher quality of work productivity. In short, you will achieve the success you were born to enjoy.

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Peter Nicholls is Australia's People Gardener - Cultivating Thriving Lives. His difference is his 30+ years of professional experience helping people cultivate their natural skills, interests, self esteem, self confidence and sense of self worth through their recreational and leisure interests. Think about it? When does the real you come alive and thrive most? When you are simplying enjoying something for its own sake. For more information go to or contact Peter at