There’s nothing better than losing yourself in an afternoon’s reading session;

I thoroughly enjoy finding myself engrossed In the comings and goings of the characters of a good book, and the entire time I’m in that zone I am totally aware of how they’re affecting each other, good, bad and ugly!
I get so involved in the story that I can’t wait to see if what I feel will eventuate, actually does. Life, I’ve realized, could be very similar.

I’ve played the role of several characters, in many different life stories; that of sibling, friend, peer, teacher, but I was oblivious to that fact until a girlfriend of mine expressed to me that I had changed her life and helped make her who she was today; a positive, motivated and joyful young woman. Of course I was not responsible for the change in her life, nor her personal growth, but I did realize that along the path of her own journey, I had been more than an active participant in her story. I had believed in her, had faith in her and positively interacted with her, all the while completely unaware of the effect it was having in the shaping of her life. From that moment on I began to see the creation of our daily lives as just as exciting as any book I’d ever read and far more fulfilling.

We all know the metaphor of being actors on the stage of life, but how much attention do we really give to the personal part we play?

We tend to perform the part we are given by the people in our lives, without questioning what we truly want or feel, or more importantly who we really want to be; and out of duty to the people sharing our lives, we go along with their thoughts and their beliefs, even if we feel that there may be a more positive and productive way for them to gain the most from their life.

Often we believe much is out of our control and give ourselves little encouragement, whilst failing to believe in our power to change for the better, and so, we continue to live our story, as they live theirs, and allow it, however unfulfilling, to unfold before our eyes, as vacant observers. We remain oblivious to events of the lives of those around us, and the positive impact we could be making. Consequently we’re blind to the impact that other’s behaviour can have on us.

But who says we don’t get to write our own story and in turn effect the lives and spirit of all those around us?

Could it be as simple as needing to act more effectively on how we feel and bringing a positive energy into the equation?

The concept of impacting others seems such a simple one, yet we make it as complicated as possible, believing that because we don’t actually know someone, we can’t make a difference in their life.

I’ve found that being conscious of the impact I have on others and living accordingly has made my life story exciting and challenging as well as rewarding.

If this lifetime is but one huge story, then surely we all have a very special role to play in the basics of interaction. With the people we share our lives with on a daily basis we can see the effects of our relationships; they may ask for our advice and then act on it. They may tell the story of an awful day and we help them to overcome it. Once a connection has been made it is far easier to impact another’s life. But what of those people we do not know? Are we able to provide a positive outcome for them too?

I believe it is probably the people we know least or not at all, that gain the most, from our actions and reactions. Those, whom you have never met, have no concept of YOU; without an expectation the interaction is refreshing and different, positive and creates great energy. And usually it will pleasantly surprise someone that doesn’t know you, when you make an effort to bring some joy or ease into his or her day.

This whole concept is simply about helping to create wonderful life stories for each and every person we come into contact with. Impact others in a positive way, and not only will your energy rub off on them and hopefully improve their day, but you will find yourself more able to discover the positives you seek in the quest for a rewarding and fulfilling life.

The benefit is not gained from quantity, it’s purely the quality of the experience that counts; something as simple as a warm and sincere smile can go a long way to improving someone’s mood or energy. The power of the soul takes over and shines love all around, as two people hold eye contact and smile warmly at each other. You may never know how you’ve affected that person, but you will know, from deep within that the interaction was pleasing and loving, and that has to be good, for anyone’s story. Maybe they will smile again and again at people they don’t know, spreading a warm energy around them and slowly expanding their inner strength as they begin to feel better about the person they are.

With inner strength comes confidence and with confidence comes change. No matter how small the encounter, the follow on effects may be felt for years to come. Try holding a door open for someone that’s not expecting it, and see how they react, you may find a beaming smile and a gracious thank you, or you may not, but the fact remains that out of purity and love, you made a positive impact in that persons life, whether they choose to acknowledge it now, or whether it filters through their system during the day. That one nice thing you do, really will have helped shape another’s life. Perhaps they’ll feel special, warm inside and will interact more positively with those they come into contact with for the rest of the day.

A smile, holding a door open, giving way to another driver on the road may be where it all starts, but certainly doesn’t have to be the only way we impact others and play a part in their life. For each soul we communicate with, a line has been written in their story and each line we help to create is going a long way to shaping another’s journey. Whether that creation is positive or negative, good or bad, lies solely within our selves, our souls and ultimately our methods of interaction.

Never forget the stories you are destined to play a role in. Remember, every action counts. Shower a little kindness and watch the love grow; smile, and ask yourself often, “Whose story am I”?

Author's Bio: 

Sara Levene is an experiential/spiritual writer, Singer/Songwriter and author from London, England residing in Melbourne, Australia.

Her words are guided by an inner knowing and inspired thought. Her soul's purpose and life goal is to help change the world and encourage peace, love and success, one lost soul at a time; through offering her writing, songs, personal guidance and support Sara believes every positive change is possible and very achievable.

Sara's songs, articles, quotes and books are all focused on creating a better life, a more fulfilling journey and an amazing existence on this spectacular planet.