If you are a car owner you will hopefully be aware there are several things you need to do to look after your car to keep it going. When a car is properly maintained it is less likely to break down and have costly repairs, and it will have a much longer lifespan. While regular servicing, having a Toyota oil change, Houston and other such services cost a small amount, they are essential. The standard that most garages and mechanics will suggest to you is to have an oil change every 3 months, or 3000 miles, whatever comes first. With newer models of cars there are some circumstances where that is a little different so check with your garage. The fact is if you neglect to carry out regular oil changes, your car is negatively impacted.

Lubrication is essential for any engine

All machines need lubrication, even the human body! Your car needs lubrication in the form of car oil to keep all the moving parts working. Lubrication is essential for the engine to run as it is meant to, and it is also a part of keeping it cool and clean. That phrase a well-oiled machine comes from this very essential need. When something is oiled well it works well. If you have an SUV or any car you need to keep on top of your SUV oil change Houston. The better condition you keep your engine in, the more you will get out of the car.

What happens when there is not enough lubrication

Everything in the motor needs to fit just right and move just right in order for the engine to work properly. If there is not enough lubrication getting into all those parts, things wear out more quickly. It can also lead to problems like seizing up or parts bonding together. As the metal parts rub together where they are not meant to there is friction, and that causes heat. Over time that does damage so you are shortening the lifespan of those parts and the engine. Keeping them lubricated by getting a Toyota oil change Houston will cost a lot less than having to replace parts, a whole engine or of course, potentially the whole car.

Use the right oil

As a great heat conductor as the oil flows around the engine parts it makes sure things do not get too hot where it is not meant to. It will flow to the oil pan underneath the hot combustion chambers but different cars take different oils and different amounts of oil. It might be tempting to think you can take care of an oil change, but having a proper mechanic take care of it ensures when the SUV oil change Houston is due, it gets done using oil that is the right weight, amount and type. They can also check things like the pump, filter and that there are no blocks in the oil passageways.


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