The photo booth is liked by all and for this reason it can be seen in parties and every other event these days.

Most of the companies providing corporate photo booth in Sydney are making the events more interesting by incorporating ideas, themes, and layout. Here we will take a look at some of these.

Theme Rock Star

Rock star costumes in the corporate party will make the event stand out from others and the photo booth will always be full as everyone will be posing to get the best photo with the costume. The booths comprise a green screen that can edit the photo and put different backgrounds. Additionally, this theme is easy to create. The party-goers are encouraged to wear their favourite costume and makeup that complements a rock concert to make the event a memorable one.

Open Air and an Intriguing Backdrop

The open-air style is a perfect idea for corporate parties, ceremonies, and other occasions as well. This type of open photo booth comes with many advantages. Among them, the first one is that these booths are spacious and so more guests get can get their photos clicked. Moreover, in the open booth, everyone can see their colleagues and can get involved.

With a dramatic backdrop, the event becomes more interesting. In the open-air one can play with a variety of decorations. Many parties are even making DIY backdrops as well which is making the party entertaining.

The photo booths in the open air are mostly decorated with paper flowers, foliage, etc. for an attractive look.

Corporate Photo Booth

Easel Demo

In several events, the crowd is being attracted to the printed mini photo canvas featuring enticing photo filters in an easel. This entices guests to line up to get their photos clicked on the booth. At present, many companies providing corporate photo booth hire in Sydney are turning towards using the easel that draws the guests into the photo booths.

The use of several photos of celebrities can make the event even more interesting as the guests will want to pose like their favourite supermodels and actors or they can even click a plain selfie or a groupfie.

The modern photo booths are equipped with the latest technology which can print the photos in a minute or so for which they have become quite popular.

The Arcade Style Booths

The classic arcade booths are still liked by many. These booths have traditional curtains that protect the privacy of the guests. In some corporate events where space is less compared to others, the arcade booths are the best choice since they do not take much space.

Due to the enclosed area, it becomes easier to take consistent photos. However, the only downside of these booths is that they can only fit two to four guests at a time.

Presently, any corporate photo booth in Sydney can be matched with the theme of the event and they can also be customized as per the needs of the hosts. So, the best option is to choose a reputed company for setting up the booth.

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A photo booth always makes an event interesting. Adding this to a corporate event is also exciting and will make the event a success.