Where should you invest your time & money into - an Ebook Designer or purchase Ecover computer programs? You might be told this: "An ecover program would be the easier option, as you get to make a variety of selections on your covers, right?" This is the average sales pitch shown on some advertisements of ecover design programs. It is important to know the real facts. Demanding software to do this can turn a profitable ebook into a failure.

What's so Great About An Ebook Designer? Why Not Just Get Software To Do It All For Me?

Software does have its benefits, but it has very serious drawbacks. A skilled ebook designer can accomplish things that software never will. "Get-results-quick" software are no match for ebook designers when it comes to quality. Do not overestimate the effectiveness of software, as it has severe limits on some of the most important, profitable factors that makes an ebook sell. Ebook designers can go places that software cannot.

The convenience of creating covers quickly is nice, but they often lack the beauty that buyers require when they look at the cover. A book with custom graphics, high quality, & a convincing theme can be the difference between selling 10 copies or 100,000 copies. Software cannot apply all of these requirements. If you give an impression that your book was done by a cheap ecover program that only takes 30 seconds, it can hurt you. This is where the importance of an ebook designer comes in.

But Aren't They Expensive?

Many people know that custom graphics in these projects are worth every penny. It means the difference between an author selling 10 copies in a lifetime - or selling 100,000 copies a year The money to hire one can be the amount of around $600 though. Pricing for software (often cheaper) makes it a competitive solution against hiring an ebook designer.

There are some custom designers out there who can meet your budget though. One great company for example, Ebook Designer Studio, creates some of the most realistic looking covers I have ever seen. Their work is a lovely example of the difference between machine & human. A human's touch tends to always be superior. It is a dependable & affordable option or designers that want to avoid the restrictions of cheap software.

Is Ecover Software Useless Then?

We can't completely dismiss the use of ecover software. Do you require beautiful graphics that attracts customers? A person looking to do so needs control of the entire project, and a custom designer can help you do just that. Ecover software can create covers for projects that don't plan to go mainstream.

Success in writing is very fragile. Ebook Designers are behind the success of how many copies you will sell, so be sure to take full advantage of their incredible talents.

Author's Bio: 

Bruce McCloud is an Ebook Designer that designs realistic covers for book authors, musicians, & software makers.