Taking possession of a property is like a dream come true where there are financial commitments involved. For many, buying a property is also a ‘success’ that they have achieved in their lifetime. However, the ‘success’ will remain incomplete if the property, for example, a house is perfect that is it is devoid of certain problems. There can be many types of problems and here we will be solely discussing the pre-purchase pest inspection.

Pest Inspection — Is it really necessary?

As mentioned above, buying a property means a huge financial commitment and it is desired that the money being invested where everything is perfect.

A pest infestation can affect several parts of a building viz. its exterior, the space under the floor, the water drainage system,and even the walls. Most recently, many building inspections in Perth are helping the buyers in determining if the property will at all be worth buying because afterwards when buyers will find out they will need to spend a huge amount of money in pest removal as well as in repairingservices.

How long does the inspection procedure take?

Inspection is done mainly in the high-risk areas. However, reputed companies carry out a thorough inspection of each and every room as well as the roof and sub-floor. Basically, enclosed areas are from where most infestations start. Overall, the duration of the procedure depends on the number of rooms, the size of the property, and its type. However, a thorough inspection might require somewhere around 2 to 3 hours.

Is a material inspection necessary too?

The inspection of building materials is highly required. There are some companies that carry out a general inspection and there are others which do include a material inspection as well. For example, ina building and pest inspection in Perth,you can expect an analysis of the state of the building materials.

Before buying a property, checking the condition of the materials is essential because it will provide the buyer with an idea of the severity of the infestation if any. Adding to that, the buyer will be able to learn about the type of materials used forthe construction of the property. Moreover, an infestation analysis will also let the buyer know the persistence of possiblepest infestationsin the future.

Will there be a report after the inspection?

Most of the companies carrying out the inspection will provide the buyers with reports. These reports include

  • Possible faults in construction (if any).
  • The activity of pest (past and current).
  • State of the building materials.
  • Damaged areas or areas that require immediate repairing.
  • Environmental hazards (if any).

What to do if there is an infestation?

That depends entirely on the buyers. If the presence of pests is mild, the buyer can avail additional pest removal service and go forward with the property. However, if the presence is high or severe it is recommended not to proceed because as discussed already, the buyer will incur huge costs in the repairing service.

At present, the building inspections in Perth are being carried out by many companies but it is recommended to get the inspection of the property done by experts.

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The author owns a company that carries out building and pest inspection in Perth with efficiency and reports on determining the state of properties on its website on a daily basis.