You are out to get a tan in the sun and realize that you end up getting sunburn.

When the skin is left exposed to the sun for a long period, the skin sometimes burns, turns red and can also cause irritation. More intense sunburn might even cause sunburn blisters or swelling accompanied by one or more of the following symptoms like headache, feverishness, nausea or weakness. More significantly, exposure to UV rays causes premature ageing of the skin and over time, the DNA damage caused can also lead to skin cancer like melanoma.
Spray tan equipment has emerged as a viable alternative to sun tanning and the harmful effects of the sun. DHA (Di-Hydroxy-Acetone) which is an active ingredient in tanning solutions is a natural derivative of processed glycerine and helps darken the skin naturally proving an attractive tan with adverse no risk involved with a suntan.

DHA (Di-Hydroxy-Acetone) is a safe to be used while getting a tan, as the FDA approves it to be used as a cosmetic. Since it comes from sugar beets or sugarcane, it is natural and does not have an adverse effect on the skin. The DHA simulates a tan by reacting with the dead cells on the skin’s surface and darkening it. It might take a few hours for DHA to work its magic and for an elegant tan to appear on the skin but since there is no reaction on the skin it’s one of the best ways to get a sun-kissed glow.

The spray tan machine is a safe and effective way to get a tan, that too from the comfort of your home. Getting a tan using a spray tan machine also adds 2-3 points of SPF (Sun protection factor) to your skin, which helps ensure that your skin stays protected from the harmful rays of the sun. However, this doesn’t mean that you will not need regular sunscreen protection. Applying a sunscreen lotion, which has an SPF of around 10 will always give your skin that additional protection from the sun to ensure that you don’t get sunburnt and always stay protected. You can obviously the sunscreen based on the skin type, the sun’s intensity, and how long you will be exposed to the sun.
Investing in a spray tan machine is not only going to help you get a stunning bronze tan without the adverse effects of the sun but it is also end up being so much more convenient than making appointments at the salon or waiting in line at the spa.

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