Recent news suggests that many allergies, heart problems and digestive issues may be caused by an acid imbalance in our bodies. But what is a healthy balance between alkaline and acid and how can it be obtained?

pH is what measures the acidity level of body fluids and our bodies work best when the alkaline and acid balance is neutral. pH levels of 0-7 indicate acidity and 7-14 indicates alkalinity. For the perfect functioning of our body’s cells, and consequent good health, the optimum pH would be a slightly alkaline reading of 7.5.

Maintaining a good balance of pH enables the body’s cells to perform all their necessary functions while a chronically acid pH level may damage body tissues and increase the likelihood of harboring harmful bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Acidity in our body is caused by what we eat. The main culprits for acid-forming foods are:
• animal meats
• pasteurized dairy products
• fried or processed foods
• white flour
• refined sugars

Alkaline-producing foods are:
• fruits
• fresh vegetables
• whole grains
• beans
• foods which are high in fiber

You may recognize the pattern – many healthy-eating programs suggest the very same foods, perhaps without knowing exactly why they lead to better health.

The main symptom of an overly acidic body is unnatural fatigue. The acid-producing foods produce toxins which reduce the absorption of protein enzymes and hormones. The result is fatigue, poor endurance, poor muscle tone and general weakness.

Other side effects of a pH imbalance are:

• Excess gas and a bloated feeling
• Unhealthy weight gain as the body creates fat cells to carry the acid away from vital organs
• Thicker blood which may lead to an increased risk of heart attack
• A slowing down of organ functions creating sluggishness
• Poor absorption of vitamins starving the body of essential nutrients
• Toxic buildup in the body’s cells

The best immediate treatment is to hydrate the body by drinking plenty of mineral water. Hard water and water with a high mineral content tends to be alkaline, whereas distilled water tends to be slightly acid, with a pH of between 5.6 and 7 due to carbon dioxide in the air dissolving into it. (An interesting aside to this topic is that studies show people living in hard water areas have fewer heart attacks than those living in soft water areas).

To further reduce the acid and eliminate it from your system, follow a detox program to eliminate heavy metals, pesticides and other chemicals from your body’s cells. Then begin a new alkaline-based diet. To achieve a good level of acidity, follow the 80/20 rule and eat 80% of your diet from the alkaline list of foods, and 20% from the acid-producing list. You will not need to have your body fluids tested for pH, you will simply feel a whole lot healthier and energized.

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