Affirmations aren't all created equal. Some are naturally better than others. However, most people do not use affirmations correctly. 95% of those that use affirmations fail to produce significant results. It’s really sad because they wonder why they’re not getting the results they want. If you have ever rolled your eyes or said oh please…about affirmations. Please understand you need to take action to make affirmations work for you. Say them every day and all the time.

Could affirmations be the missing ingredient to your success?

A study done at Vanderbilt University found that you really can "fake it till you make it."
Start speaking about what you want versus what you don’t? What you want will miraculously appear in your life. Imagine that!

So how do you make them work?

Well for starters Affirmations need to be definite firm statements. Saying an affirmation in conditional tense isn’t giving the universe a firm command. There’s a right way and a wrong way. When you’re speaking in future tense, “I will…” or “I’m going to…” You’re putting something into place in the future. But the future never arrives. We only have the present moment. Perfect example would be “I am receiving money now” or “I create great wealth daily”.

Persistent…Consistent… Most people say them once and think it’s going to work. Saying your affirmations over and over again will give you the confidence you need to achieve any goal you desire. Affirmations will only work when repeated and you put the consideration repeatedly out there. The way the Universe is hardwired is that it won’t pay attention to one affirmation. The more you say an affirmation, it creates a belief and once that belief comes into play, things start to happen.

One of the most important things you can do is just believein the power of affirmations. Drop the negativity and be open. People get so caught up in the present that they don’t think their affirmations will work. They look into their present circumstances and give up too quickly.

You can’t make anything happen without thinking about it first.

Every thought you think is creating your future. So be careful what you think about because you are attracting things into your life with each thought. With affirmations you can get clear on your thinking and what you attract into your reality. Affirmations are vital in that they are the thought that comes before the action.

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After spending 10+ years in Hollywood as an Actress/Dancer/Body Double Ungenita Katrina Prevost learned how to Perfect Her Potential™. Today she is the World’s First Beauty Empowerment Author & Speaker & named "The Tony Robbins of Beauty". She helps female entrepreneurs bring structure back into their businesses and balance back into their lives by going from “Frazzled To Fabulous”, a simple, easy to implement system that gets results, ultimately improving their lives and businesses.