"The greatest power is the power of our subconscious mind" is what has been taught by many leaders and practitioners of Universal Laws throughout time. Coming to this realization is the first step to creating a reality of focused mindfulness where what is manifested in thought becomes reality. It is known that everyone has power hidden within them, and once that power is activated, the opportunity for actual realization is allowed to present itself. Communicating with the subconscious is achieved through attaining what is known as the alpha state. If this power is allowed to flourish and grow, it is a useful tool in evoking favorable results through contemplative meditation.As detailed below, deep meditation with deep breathing will enter this alpha level and through alpha mind power tap into your subconscious.

In order to produce positive change, one needs to understand the importance of the Subconscious and how to harness its energy. Once that energy is harnessed and under control, it may be accessed and focused with intent on an object or goal. This hope, this goal is limitless. There is potential to create or achieve anything. The ability to accomplish and attain goals is invaluable, especially on a metaphysical or meditative level. It is possible to tap into the power that is the Subconscious, and there is a particular "place" in the brain where this ability is accessed.

This "place" is the core concept behind Alpha Mind Power. It is called the Alpha level of the mind, and it acts as a key to unlock the door that opens into the subconscious. When that door is unlocked, it is possible to access the Alpha level of the mind via meditation. When relaxed with your eyes closed these alpha frequency brainwaves are increased. By relaxing and narrowing one's focus to the state between wakefulness and sleep, one can tap into the subconscious and fully manifest hopes, dreams and goals. The mind is alert yet very calm.

Generally, you will find a place where you will not be disturbed for 15 to 30 minutes. Preferably you will sit straight in a chair with your feet on the floor. You will want to be comfortable with the environment, temperature wise, lighting dimmed, and clothing loose. Relaxing, take a deep breath through your nose, hold it for a second maybe a few , then exhale with your mouth becoming almost rythmically with your breathing. Now you may use a mantra or a phrase that is personal about how relaxed you are feeling. A key is that when you are in a deep yet alert state as this, affirmations , self talk and guidance can instill in you positive strong qualities as confidence, leadership, self esteem. Assure you are calm and comfortably relaxed. There are detailed methods available with affirmations that can be extremely personal. The writing of ones own affirmations is beyond the scope of this article. For beginners though , a guided relaxation audio would be recommended and would be readily available in your preferred format. The goal is to eventually reach this state in only 10 to 15 seconds without the need to listen to audio or a guide. The repeated attainment of this state will lead to empowerment and a worry free feeling.

But do not get the idea that this process is difficult. The opportunity to envision and concentrate on a specific task or desire doesn't take years or even weeks of training. It is an ability everyone has, and everyone can learn how to access it.

Alpha levels are rooted in science and are studied across the globe. The brain functions and controls actions by sending and receiving electrical impulses. These impulses are constantly bombarding different areas of the brain while they change the frequency of their electrical emissions. These frequencies vary based upon the activity the brain is attempting to perform. Every function of the body, from heartbeat to eating to running to sleeping is controlled by these electrically coded messages.

Scientists developed a way to monitor and measure these impulses using a machine called an electroencephalograph (EEG). The EEG keeps track of the electrical data being sent by the brain in cycles per second. These cycles are the tool with which each level of brain function is rated. When brainwaves are running between 7 and 14 cycles per second, the Alpha function of the brain is active.

When the brain is active at the Alpha level, either naturally before and after sleep or with intent through meditation, more of it is awake and active, which has the effect of increasing the power and focus of thought. This is possible because the left and right sides of the brain usually act independently of each other; while the brain is running at Alpha level, though, both sides work together. This can increase intuition, imagination, motivation and realization.

Using meditation to access the Alpha level is easy to learn and easy to teach. Once attained, this meditation is also easy to access whenever it is convenient or required. There are tools and resources to help focus concentration and achieve meditation to access the alpha level or alpha mind power. In addition to using these tools to think into reality goals and dreams, it is known that meditating and using the Alpha level for even 15 minutes each day can help sharpen the mind. Improved memory and the heightened ability to focus are just two of the known results of frequent meditation with intent.

There are personal and corporate training packages available, as well as books, CDs, MP3s, DVDs and workshops developed by leading practitioners. It is the goal of practitioners to help each person achieve successful Alpha Meditation, and to improve the lives of oneself and the environment around them. By helping others learn to focus their energy in healthy, beneficial ways, it is possible to make the world a better place for everyone.

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