Why Am I Having A Panic Attack For No Reason: How To Get Rid Of Shortness Of Breath From Anxiety

Curing panic attacks can be a real battle. I know from personal experience. I lived with panic and anxiety for 17 years. I tried pretty much everything you can imagine, and almost none of it produced any positive results.

But the one thing I did that made a huge difference was to take full advantage of the power of goal-setting.

For most of my time battling through panic and anxiety I had goals, of course. For a start, I wanted the panic attacks to stop. That was my number one goal - they were ruining my life. Another of my goals was to feel normal again. I just wanted a normal life, the same as everyone around me had. And then there was another goal - this one to no longer feel fear all day every day.

What can you do to stop constant anxiety and fear? Is it possible to stop panic attacks without medication?

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So I had goals, and I'd been trying to use these goals to inspire me to get better.

But what I didn't realise was, these goals were too vague and too non-specific for someone curing panic attacks. I mean, how do you measure "feeling normal again"?

It was around the time I realised my goals weren't specific enough that I heard a motivational speaker explain an exercise you can do. It's all about writing down your dream day in the future. You put down every detail of how you want your life to be at some chosen point in the future.

In my case, I chose a year in the future, and I wrote 2 pages of how a day in my life would be then. Everything from what I'd eat for breakfast, right through to what time I'd go to bed (and everything in between).

Doing this exercise puts your mind in super-sharp focus, and it will subconsciously start going after the very specific life you outlined in your "dream day in the future" exercise.

So I highly recommend you do this exercise for yourself. It can make a huge difference when curing panic attacks is you dream goal.

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What are the best anxiety treatment options?

You will find that when you understand how to go about treating anxiety you will diminish the anxiousness associated with knowing that you have chronic anxiety in the first place. Your treatment options are diverse and include the following alternatives:

Anti-depressive Medications

Anti-depressive medications are one way of dealing with the symptoms common to anxiety sufferers. Medications like Paxil and Effexor are prescribed by qualified doctors to deal with the onset of sudden mood changes and depression.

These drugs work to balance your mood and with a balanced mood you are less likely to experience panic and anxiety. The medication is offered to you based upon your weight, age, medical condition and what affects the drugs have which will prove most beneficial to your condition.

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Anxiety Medication

Anxiety drugs include medications like BuSpar, Librium, Valium, and Xanax. These drugs are offered to calm your body and nerves and to change your thinking patterns. They are not offered as over the counter remedies so you need to consult with a physician to get these drugs to treat your condition. The usage and dosage will vary from person to person.

Cognitive Therapy

Cognitive therapy involves counseling which you can use to alter your day to day behaviors. Once you learn to identify what causes your anxiety you can learn to identify the triggers of panic. You will be educated on positive techniques for dealing with panic at its onset.

Nutritional Supplements

Vitamins and even herbs can be used as a daily supplement to reduce your feelings of anxiety. Increases in Vitamin C and Magnesium as well as Vitamin B6 have been found beneficial in improving your bodily health and reducing anxiety related issues. Herbal remedies should not be combined with prescribed or over the counter remedies unless approved by your doctor.

Be Careful When Deciding On The Right Anxiety Treatment For You

When treating anxiety, if possible you should try and use natural methods because medication for anxiety has been known to be addictive and care some nasty unwanted side effects.

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What an unpleasant thing to live with, health anxiety. What's even more troubling is the fact that traditional treatments for health anxiety simply don't work very well. I remember going to doctor after doctor, emergency room after emergency room due to my symptoms of anxiety and the intense fear that a real physical problem was present. I was given a clean bill of health over and over again and was told that my problems were mental, but no 'professional' got to the root of the problem. The root of the problem of health anxiety is adrenaline. It's a simple formula: intense worrying + a mind and body that won't relax = an increased cycle of adrenaline which leads to health anxiety.

During my six years of health anxiety, I didn't relax even for a second. In fact, I forgot what feeling at peace and having a calm body and mind felt like after a while. I would often begin by focusing my worrying on something which would cause my adrenaline-fueled 'fight or flight' response to kick in. This adrenaline response always had a series of physical symptoms: pounding heart, shortness of breath, tingling in my hands and feet, and dizziness. I would instantly worry that these physical symptoms were indicating a heart attack or a stroke. Even though this always happened in the same way, I would convince myself that I was going to die as a result of these feelings, and would race to the nearest medical centre or emergency room. It was taking over my life and ruining my career and my relationships. I had to do something to change this course in my life. I did a lot of research on adrenaline; I finally was able to take this problem in hand and came up with a solution to stop this crippling cycle.

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The key to stopping the adrenaline cycle that is causing your health anxiety is taking 'mini vacations' throughout the day. Here's what I did: I began with 3 'mini vacations' per day (planning is key) - one in the am just before breakfast, one at lunch and one just before going to sleep at night. I realized that this was the 'me time' I needed, far away from anything that needed to be done, whether that was with work, tennis training, relationships or whatever. I took the 10 minutes of freedom that I gave myself and used it to do progressive muscle relaxation, acupressure, squeezing a stress ball, sitting and listening to classical music etc. The key for me was variety during my 'mini vacations' from the adrenaline cycle that affected my health anxiety. As soon as I felt the worrying or physical sensations coming on, I would find a quiet place and take this time away for myself.

The more I took my 'mini vacations,' the better my health anxiety got. But as mentioned earlier, planning is key. Why? Because people who suffer from generalized anxiety and, more specifically, health anxiety can become quite impatient and require quick results before saying that something just doesn't work. They become so fed up with their condition and just want to move on with what's important in their lives. Can you blame a health anxiety sufferer for wanting results now? So, plan out what you will be doing during your time with your mini vacations during the day, look at it as a long term 'plan,' and watch your levels of adrenaline that fuel your health anxiety lessen as time goes by.

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A natural anxiety treatment may stir up images of herbal remedies but there are treatments that you can use that have nothing to do with herbs at all.

If you worry about using herbs as a natural treatment for anxiety, you can try some of the advantageous holistic treatments that involve no medication or over the counter supplements. You can develop an anxiety cure by combining any of the following actions:

Be Good to Yourself

Do not feel guilty about taking a couple of days off to get away from it all, or taking periodic breaks throughout your busy day. Listen to some music, read a book, go for a stroll in your favorite park, or soak in a hot tub of water. Enjoy some downtime: it will lower your stress levels and prevent future panic related issues.

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Eliminate Caffeine Usage

You may love that hot, aromatic cup of coffee in the morning but it could really be doing more harm than good. Caffeine will increase your levels of adrenaline, it will cause your blood sugar levels to increase, and you could wind up triggering a panic attack.

Too much cola or tea can do the same thing; let go of your habit to take in caffeinated beverages and you will experience far fewer panic related episodes.


Even if you only take ten minutes of your day to meditate you will find that you are less tense more relaxed and more confident throughout your day.

You do not have to focus on anything in particular; you can simply sit and concentrate on your exhalations and your inhalations. Meditating on the positive things in your life is also beneficial; it will get your mind focused on things that do not stress you.

Are There Any Other Natural Anxiety Treatments To Consider?

There are a Variety of different treatments that have been proven to work for many different people; however, one of the things that most people find is that it takes them a considerable amount of research, trial and error to find an effective treatment for them.

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