It’s true that almost everyone wants to be engaged but do you know why some people are still single? Do you know that in almost every cases of this issue, many people stay single based on how they go about living their lives and the manner in which they interact with other people which gave birth to the concept of why am I single?.

Whenever you see someone complaints of this issue, if you look into critically, you will discover where he or she went wrong in life and this doesn’t mean they can’t make the correction now.
In this article today, I will explain to you how some of the things people do deem their chances of engaging in a relationship and how certain people chose to be that way.
Why am I single till now?

As I said earlier, there are many reasons behind this but in this article, I am going to explain just the seven major ones for the sake of time which touch almost everyone:

You are still single because of difficult criteria: In one of my articles, 'Why do we fall in love?', I said that we fall in love with people who match our love criteria. These criteria are certain requirements that make us perceive someone as a match for us. You may be single because your love criteria maybe difficult for someone to match them.
You are not depended: In my article, 'Why some people never recorver from breakups', I said that one of the reasons people find it difficult after breakup is when they depended on their partner or the relationship to feel good. If you are not depended on anyone for material possession or some kind of satisfaction, you tend to see very less reason of involving in a relationship.
You are still single because you’re visiting the wrong places: In the article 'How to find your soul mate', it explained how knowing who you are, what you want and the kind of person you intent to attract would certainly let you know where such people usually are. This therefore means that you maybe single because you are probably going the wrong places and meeting just the wrong people.
You are still single because you know what you want: Another factor that could hinder you is because you know what you want and the caliber of person and for this reason, you may not want to settle for anyone less of this or more than.
You are difficult to praise: People tend to be difficult on to others when they see no way in praising or ignite laugher from them. Since people will fail to understand you, they tend to scare away. They may show some concern and without getting any sign from you, they tend to conclude what they have been thinking.
You are still single because of your self-confidence: This happens when you are too sure of yourself. You believe you can do other things now and later engage in a relationship anytime you wish.
You’re not socially interactive: When you decide not to involve in social activities like visiting friends, going new places, greeting others, you tend to blog your chances just like that. These are some of the ways people get to know others so as meeting a potential partner.


These are the major weaknesses of almost everyone being single. If you manage to interrogate someone suffering from this issue, you will equally discover some of these points as his major weaknesses. So, in order to get out of the shell of singlehood, you have to use these points to correct wherever you went wrong now, right?

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