Being an affiliate marketer you'll likely face much competition selling the same products many other marketers will be promoting as well! Although selling affiliate products can make for a very profitable business you do want to take measure that will make you more competitive within your chosen field! Learning to blog is a great strategy that is easy to do and allows you to develop a unique identity while also providing a service for your customers!

Let's quickly review 3 distinct advantages you'll experience when learning to blog as a means to promote affiliate products!

Gives You a Voice

Instead of using a 'static' website which typically goes without being updated for extended periods of time your blog will present a more 'active' voice! When learning to blog the first thing you'll discover is the importance keeping your platform updated with fresh entries! This gives it life and also offers visitors motivation to continue returning to view any new posts! It also stands to reason that if the posting is fairly frequent the information/perspectives presented within will be fresh and relevant to current issues! Now you have a site that can maintain an ongoing 'conversation' with visitors and if you allow comments, which you should, this conversation can be two-way!

Develop Following

The following found on a blogging platform is built more on loyalty and not based upon receiving a 'free' gift at your squeeze page! Both credibility and reliability are earned as a blogger by the way in which you present content and the quality it contains! Building reader loyalty begins with 2 things, consistent and quality posting and this loyalty is a great foundation upon which to build a profitable business!

Builds Community

By allowing comments as we briefly discussed above you are encouraging participation by all visitors who can direct comments to you or other readers! This helps build a sense of community that tends to make people more comfortable visiting and eventually more receptive to any affiliate products you may offer! In this way you are able to increase your sales conversions due to the fact that you are more trusted, more familiar and deemed to be more credible by the visitors to your site!

Although as an affiliate marketer you can build a very profitable business online it is wise to position yourself more competitively within your field! Make no mistake the affiliate products you choose to promote will also be aggressively advertised by others as well! This is why you'll want to take measures to distance yourself from your competitors and learning to blog is an excellent strategy to do so! The 3 advantages blogging will present to you are reviewed above and allow you to develop a uniqueness while also providing a service for your customers! In this way you'll be in a much better position to build a profitable business out of selling affiliate products online!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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