Games are not just fun activities but help you shape your child’s habits and serves as tools for education. There are many baby games which would help the baby with her growth and help her learn new things. The below mentioned are some of the game for kids which you can make them play at a very young age.

Mirror on the Wall: You can make the baby stand in front of a mirror and teach her to recognise her body parts. Ask her to point out the ears, nose and eyes and touch them. Most kids don’t realise they are looking at themselves till they are one year old and this would be a great game to keep them occupied.

Peek-a-boo: The age old classical game for kids. Hide your face behind your fingers or hide behind a doorway and call out peek-a-boo when the child finds you. This game teaches the baby to locate objects that are out of sight. The game should be played at her infant stage and is a vital cognitive lesson.

Ahh-Boom: When the child can sit properly hold her facing you and slightly touch her forehead with yours and say ahh-boom. Slowly the baby will start expecting it and will reach out with her forehead to meet yours.

Pat-a-cake- A baby learns to clap her hands together when she is six months old and the pat-a-cake rhymes is an excellent choice which would go with this game.

Oops – You can play this game using any type of objects but best done using building blocks. Build a tall building using the blocks and ask the baby to knock it off and say oops. This game helps the baby learn the consequences of action and of course it is fun.

Puppet baby games – Make a puppet using a sock or a handkerchief and make them talk and sing.

How to teach a child play games?

Teaching starts at home and baby games are fun ways of educating your child. A baby mind is very curious and is very receptive and alert. So if you put your mind to it, you can easily teach your baby play games and get entertained. First switch of distractions like television sets before teaching your baby. Whatever game you choose, make sure that it is right for her age. Like you can play peek-a-boo with a 3 month baby, but can’t play building blocks with her. That game should wait till she becomes 9 months old. Start with a single game and play it with her 20 minutes daily until she learns it before teaching her the next game. Make modifications to the game as your child grows older to suit her requirements.

Baby games are interactive and are goal driven and help the kids to understand that to succeed in a task they should meet or exceed objectives and follow rules. Games for kids not just keep them entertained and occupied but improve their analytical skills and creative thinking.

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