Here's something from an anonymous traveller – I'll rather be a monkey on the mountain than be a lizard in a king's palace.
Chasing a pride of lions during a safari tour, swimming with the sharks, base-jumping off a bridge, climbing a snow-capped peak or desert trekking might not be everyone's cup of tea. But adventure travel is rapidly becoming a mainstream in everyone's life.

Nature never breaks its promise, it provides holidaymakers whatever they ask for and outpaces diverse form of tours which is now ruling in the travel world. In the end, nature and its adventures are always stress-busters not only for the older generation but for younger ones also. The fact is, young people are getting more and more obsessed with exploring new places and enjoying themselves with thrilling activities. They need something to kill their boredom with. What's wrong if they get habitual to the travel drug? It's rather inspiring after all.

Where does Adventure Holiday stand?
Adventure holidays have escalated and expanded at a rate of 70 percent between 2010 and 2016. Nowadays, people love combining a holiday with physical activities that connects them with nature as well as culture. After all, one can go bonkers being in the hotel room all day long.

The president of ATTA (Adventure Travel Trade Association) proudly states that 90 percent of tourism industry now considers adventure as a standalone stratum - compared to 30 percent six years ago, but moreover, an individual dominance to absorb nature into their life and soul.

A few suburbs such as Mexico, Brazil, New Zealand and Africa are limited to die-hard adventurers - are becoming increasingly popular than beach holidays.

This is more due to an individual's hunger for experience, who loves to think out of the box, out of the material possessions, advanced handheld cell phones and gaming. Studies have revealed that people are more passionate about an experience than tangibility and that's what drives people more often towards travel activities and that too to adventure trips precisely.

After all, the World is Beautiful
There's a bigger reason still lurking as to why adventure travel is gaining popularity - it's safer and affordable. Somehow, the world has become less frightening, especially when you submit to nature. Thanks to the internet and the social revolution.

People can actually comprehend a destination much before setting foot on the aeroplane. What was obscured and mysterious can be accessed at the click of a button. Smartphone’s too, have boosted the curiosity of an individual to figure out a place in no time.

As one gets hungry seeing a luscious cheese-dripping chicken burger, so does one get excited seeing a destination and its offers right from the corner of their bedrooms. Who can forget the most precise design and significance of Google Earth and the alluring TV documentaries? A quick scroll makes one hunt for their next vacation - a way to adventure.

Customized Adventure
Package adventure holidays have gone up like movie blockbusters. Now, an individual loves to do holiday their own way. They have experienced Vegas, enjoyed Disney, participated in beach activities and now the search is for something more interesting and daring.

Since the inception of civilization, humans have tried to be winners and the trend carries on. An Adventure holiday means – Yesss, I have done it!

From Leisure to Adventure
The major shift, tourism industry thinks is beyond the 20s and even over 50s who will spend pounds to walk the Inca Trail, explore the Caribbean or even trek through jungles. They are willing to pay to play. An average individual is busy; they've got the money and crave for the best trip of their life.
Ultimately, dreams are not confined to material and electronic gizmos; it's out there under the sky, on the sea, atop the mountains and in the sands. God's nature and His natural wonders are utterly fun-filled.

It is believed, that when one does not add venture in their lives, life is dull. This is more with the young people today. They love a bit of spice in their daily lives. YouTube videos are full of daring activities by the younger generation, which we love. In the present scenario, adventure travel is becoming the crux of the travel industry, altering lives and thinking of many.

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Andy is a travel blogger at Holiday Desire. His favourite trips require an unhealthy backpacking addiction, passport, low-cost holiday packages and other stuff. A typical destination with mountains, warm blue waters, golden sands and some great food lures him to travel. Follow him on his epic journeys through his blog spots!