Hadoop is nothing but the collection of open-source software framework, which is used to store data and run applications on clusters of hardware. The companies who run short of storage space for data are implementing this technology, as the Hadoop software provides massive storage for data. The Hadoop can store, process, and handle limitless data. Most IT companies look for candidates that are skilled and proficient in Hadoop technology. If you want to learn this technology, you need to join in the training institute that offers big data hadoop training with project.

Rather than just learning the course, doing project at the end of the course will help you understand your ability and knowledge regarding the technology. If you have learned the course very well, you will be able to do the project at the end of your training using the technology. This will help you cross check ability of doing a project alone. This is why you are asked to choose the training institute that helps you do a project using the technology. The following candidates can learn the Hadoop certification course:
• Graduates and undergraduates eager to learn Big Data
• Programming Developers and System Administrators
• Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing and Analytics Professionals
• Experienced working professionals and Project Managers
• Mainframe Professionals, Architects and Testing Professionals
• Big Data Hadoop Developers eager to learn other verticals like testing, analytics and administration
These professionals can take this certification course and get benefits.

Spark and Scala Training

Spark is the cluster computing framework designed for fast Hadoop computation, whereas scala is the high-level general purpose programming language in which spark is written. Companies who implement big data technology will look for candidates that can be able to work in spark and scala. Spark and scala is the part of the Hadoop technology that can provide good and high-paid job chances. During the training course, you will learn:
• Hadoop 2.x Architecture
• Spark and its Ecosystem Implement
• Spark operations on Spark Shell
• To implement Spark applications on YARN
• To write Spark Applications using Spark RDD concepts
• To perform SQL queries using Spark SQL
• Data ingestion using Sqoop
• To implement various machine learning algorithms in Spark MLlib API and Clustering
• Flume and its components
• Spark Streaming Application
• RDDs, Spark SQL for structured processing, different APIs offered by Spark such as Spark Streaming, Spark MLlib
Anyone can join in this certification course, as there are no prior requirements for joining the course. However, basic knowledge of SQL and Java programming will be helpful, but it is not necessary at all. All you need to do is to find the right institution for spark and scala training in Bangalore. Choose the training institute that provides the best spark and scala training.

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If you want to learn this technology, you need to join in the training institute that offers big data hadoop training with project.