If you think that your prescriptions drugs prices are not so high, you will be surprised to know the difference between their real prices when you compare those prices in Canada.

From the below comparison between prescription drug prices in Canada vs the US, you can easily realize how cheap Canada Drugs.

The four most popular name brand prescription drug prices comparisons are here. See that:

1.In Use, you have to speed $1,227 a prescription of three Advair Diskus. But in Canada, you will get the same drug for $450.00. So, the price difference is over $750.

2.A pill of Celebrex is sold for $18 in the US. But in Canada, you have to spend $1.64 per dose.

3.For Eliquis, the average cost $424.65 for 60 tablets in the US and just $150 in Canada.

4.For 30 tables of Januvia have to send $435.14 in the US. But only $140 in Canada. So, there is a price difference of $300.

Cause of Being Cheaper Prescriptions Drugs in Canada.

We know how the healthcare system works in the states.
There is monthly pay for private healthcare insurance that provides medical coverage.
How much need to pay for this coverage, depends on certain factors, such as:

  • Where the person lives.
  • Their income.
  • What type of coverage do they want to obtain?
  • How high deductibility do they want?
  • What amount of insurance they are looking for?

All of these choices will depend on your monthly premium expenses.

The federal health insurance program ‘Medicare’ is used as the alternative of other private healthcare plans for people whose age is over 65, disabled people, and the people those have fixed income or retired.

Both of these cases, the payment amount for the coverage is determined with the level of the coverage one can afford.
Nevertheless, where drug services are enveloped by the universal healthcare system is not the case in Canada.

The Canadian government is working on behalf of its citizens to fix realistic prices for the prescriptions as well as for other healthcare services with the federal system.
So, when any drug manufacturing company tries to cast a too expensive prescription, the PMPRB (Patented Medicine Prices Review Board) which is the Canadian drug review agency refused the approval for selling before its price comes down.

Not only that, but the same board also informs Canadian citizens of upcoming prescription trends so they’re not hit with unexpected price increases out of nowhere.
For ensuring fair market value, the PMPRB regularly checks the prices of all prescriptions drugs.

They not only compare these prices to the local area of Canada or the US but also compare with the worldwide fair relative prices.

Many drug manufacturing companies in Canada don’t want to lose their business. For this, they always ensure lower rates and the customers don’t go outside of the border for buying the same medications.

This Medicare operating system is similar because it is run by the federal government. But it’s unique for its different application of cost structure.

After setting the price, Medicare uses 6% to help the doctors, and about 20% of the cost of the medication.

So, if the medicine cost becomes $1,000 per prescription, the Medicare payee would have to pay $200 if they have no coverage options.
Hurting Americans is not the only aspect of this process. Canadians are also improving their buying power.

In the states of Canada, all insurance companies, hospitals, and all other medical facilities always race against the drug manufacturing companies that ensure the affordability of these drugs. So, a little hospital in the rural part of Alabama pays much more than New York pays to their hospitals.

For all of these causes, the price of prescription drugs is very cheap in Canada. Many people from all over the world come to Canada to receive medical, dental, and other treatments to reduce expenses as well as for the cheaper rates of prescription drugs. And it is known as Medical Tourism.

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