News - An Object Moving Though Space Makes an Abrupt Turn

Scientists have been tracking a cigar-shaped object traveling through space at tremendous speeds for a very long time. And this object made an abrupt turn and moved in another direction. This is not how normal asteroids and comets move.

Why are We Afraid?

And How Should We React?

1 - First of all we would have to be a very egotistical species to think we are the only ones alive in the Universe.

2 - Also, the universe is very old and many star systems are billions of years older than ours. Subsequently, we are the new kids on the block and a fledgling species just getting started.

3 - This means there are species that are billions of years ahead of us in the Universe. Even now we know without a doubt there are planets that could support life… this has been proven.

4 - Even the Vatican scientists have said… that the probability of intelligent life in the cosmos is absolute… that we are most certainly not alone in the Universe.

5 - Down though recorded history there have been sightings of objects flying in our skies.

6 - Why are we afraid? That is a good question. We are even afraid of other cultures of people on earth… let along beings that might look totally different from us. All of this fear must be healed… we have to grow as a species and take our place in the cosmos.

7 - Even in the Bible, it talks about a cloud that followed the Children of Israel by days and a cylinder of light that followed them by night as they wandered through the desert for 40 years… very interesting.

8 - And in the Bible, it talks about Enoch being taken up into flying chariot were he learned many different things over hundreds of years and then returned.

9 - Personally, I feel, there are good and not so good people in the world… and the same with beings from the cosmos. Most people are loving and kind. And I feel most other species are loving and kind… when it comes to people from another part of the Universe.

10 - I am sure, these advanced beings have technology that’s way beyond anything we can imagine. It would be like a caveman trying to understand a modern day car. This means their technology is so advanced it will not even be understood by our scientists. Because we have not moved forward with our science enough to understand any of it. And the laws of physics are being broken everyday with new scientific discoveries… we have a lot to learn. So we have to open our minds and understand we don’t have all the answers.

11 - Plus, I am sure beings from other places in the Universe have been on planet earth from the beginnings of our existence here on earth… and maybe even before that. I am sure they have an interest in how this planet works because earth is a very beautiful place full of life.

12 - Even many of the great spiritual texts talk about the fact that we are not alone in the cosmos.

13 - And personally, I feel, our spiritual connection is interconnected with every species in the cosmos. Our consciousness, the oneness of everything, is not limited to human beings… consciousness is a collective of the cosmos in general.

14 - So it’s time for us to get rid of our animal tendencies and stop being fearful of everything… I know this will take time… But we can do it!

15 - Letting go of fear is part of our spiritual development… thus ascending into a high spiritual realm. Like all the spiritual beings who have come before to spread love… and tell us to let go of fear.

Many Blessings to Everyone

Dr. Paul Haider

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