This is a question all of us should ask and ANSWER? Yes, we must answer it, as it leads to direction…even if you have no direction.

1) Are we here to see how much money we can make?
2) Are we here to see how elegant are cars can become?
3) Are we here to see how our IQ is better than someone else’s?
4) Are we here to have children, who are replicas of ourselves?
5) Are we here to be the most accomplished at our passions?
6) Are we here to tell others, we have the best religion?
7) Are we here to profess our love to someone special?
8) Are we her to find our soul mate?
9) Are we here to follow our favorite team around the country?
10) Are we here to travel different lands?
Why are we here?

According to the list above, it could be one of these things, many of these things and even MORE things. According to some people, none of these things are important enough to warrant why we’re here, on Planet Earth.

In the vast universe of which we are apart, many of the things we say, don’t if touch the surface of the bigger picture. And the bigger picture goes WAY DOWN deep; deeper than you could ever imagine. Because the answers lie inside of YOU.

Whether you know it or not, or believe or not, YOU are an immortal SOUL. You have a body because you live on Planet Earth. Without your body, you travel the galaxies and star systems, however, you’re still you. When you discover your immortal self, everything becomes crystal clear. Your life is no longer a mystery or a guessing game. Your immortal SOUL makes you wise; your immortal soul makes you make brilliant decisions; your immortal SOUL keeps you from away from illness, mental disorders and spiritual ignorance.

The SOUL is omnipresent. It’s able to be anywhere at all times. If you’ve heard that you’re more powerful than you imagine, YOU ARE. You just don’t know it. Like Whitney Houston once sang “The Greatest Love Of All Is Inside of You”.

How do you discover or find your SOUL? It’s a journey that seeks exploring. Here are a few ways that open you up to connecting with the soul.

1) OPEN YOUR HEART SPACE. This is difficult for some people. It means being vunerable. Allow yourself to be more loving to others. Practice. Practice. Practice. Throughout the day, be thankful and full of gratitude for what you have. It can be taken away in an instant, you know? Be grateful for things like your eyesight. What if it were taken away suddenly? Be grateful for your home? What if you didn’t have anywhere to live? Be grateful for your children, no matter what way they behave. What if they were taken from you, in an instant? If during the times you are grateful, you have a negative experience, be thankful anyway, it may be a test to see if you are TRULY grateful.

2) FORGIVE YOURSELF. This is a biggie! Whatever you’ve done or feel guilty about, forgive yourself. Really, forgive yourself first and be someone better. If you don’t forgive yourself, you’re unable to forgive anyone else and your life remains in turmoil and confusion. Your SOUL will love you for it. Write it a 100 times, say it to yourself in quiet, whatever it takes to make you believe it, permanently.

3) START JOURNALING. I know this seems impossible. I started Journals at least 50 times or more in my life and didn’t keep it up. I wish I had. Looking back on some of the older ones, I was shocked, surprised and amazed. I didn’t remember all those things. However, it’s healing to the SOUL. I started again. This time I intend to continue. Carry it around with you, like a beloved teddy bear, and write down anything that seems important or even not so important. Years later, it may become YOUR book or YOUR movie! What do you think about that?

4) MEDITATE. The MOST EFFECTIVE thing you can do for the SOUL is meditate. Continual Meditation leads to CALMNESS, PEACE FROM WITHIN, and REAL JOY. Meditation is the Airplane Route to the SOUL. You can go to church, you can be of service, you can study the Bible, you can do nice things for others. NOTHING gets you to your SOUL faster than Meditation. If you want to see your life change drastically, Meditation is the key. There are many different ways of Meditation, and they’re all good, however, Paramahansa Yogananda, a Master from India, gives the most complete training. When someone is interested in these teachings, they should know about Paramahansa’s life to see if they want the training. So, it’s suggested that you read The Autobiography of A Yogi, by Yogananda, from the SELFREALIZATIONFFELLOWSHIP.ORG website. THEN, when you have more information, order the lessons for training. Getting all the lessons from the Self Realization Fellowship organization is the most complete way. They explain WHY you Meditate and they give full details on how to do the techniques. They explain all the techniques, including Energization Exercises which PREPARE you for
Meditation. No one else does that. You can buy the lessons at and they’ll send to your house every two weeks. You can download the app for your phone, as well. There is No one else who gives instruction in totality as complete as SRF. No one.

So, if you’re looking to feel closer with the SOUL, these are a few ways to do it. There are MANY other ways. I’ll talk about them in another newsletter.
To COMPLETELY connect with the soul, YOU MUST MEDITATE, and you’ll always be thankful and grateful you did. Merge with YOUR SOUL, to become ONE, and all the dreams you ever imagined will be brilliantly surpassed, and a thousand light years from what you ever thought of possible.

Love, Janeska
(Investigative Reporter that dives deep for the Truth about your physical, mental and spiritual well-being)

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Smile, Laughter, or Thought for the Day
Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less. Marie Curie

Author's Bio: 

Janeska Smith Asante was born in New York, New York on a frigid winter night in November. Her mother had gone to New York to keep her pregnancy a secret from her parents, even though she was at least 26 years old. To hide her pregnancy, even further, she weighed the idea of throwing Janeska over the Brooklyn Bridge, for at least 24 hours. However, she couldn’t do it, and less than a month later, Janeska ended up living with her Cherokee grandmother, on a steep hill, in a great little yellow house, smack dab in the middle of the country…Omaha, Nebraska.

Her grandmother was a diabetic and she was often sick; so before even attending school, Janeska’s grandmother taught her to grow herbs and food in the garden. She taught her how to wash dishes, clean the house, and wash clothes. At 4-years-old, she was responsible for giving her grandmother Diabetes shots and putting her to bed with HER doll (who happened to be larger than Janeska).
All of her grandmother’s friends, became Janeska’s friends. They were all over 80 and looked at Janeska as their helper and their pathway to healing. Everyday, she was creating herbal concoctions (from the garden) and preparing them for her grandmother’s friends.

There were no children who lived in her grandmother’s neighborhood. So, Janeska just read health and healing books (most of the day) that came from her grandmother’s church, the Sharon Seventh Day Adventist Church of Omaha.

Janeska thought this was normal, for kids, since she didn’t have anything to compare it to, yet.

Her granddad was a Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) minister and health and healing was a HUGE topic in the SDA Church Community. Her grandmother didn’t really pay much attention to the Health aspect as she should, yet Janeska absolutely LOVED this information. She thought that the food part of the Adventist teachings were fabulous and she spent every chance she got reading and experimenting with the herbs and remedies taught (from the Bible, from Jethro Kloss, from Ellen G. White, and other ‘whole body teachers’ of our time.

She was healing the elderly before she entered nursery school and she realized she came here with a gift and a knowledge far beyond her years. She even kept her grandmother from getting her leg cut off that doctors insisted must happen, simply from what she knew and studied, at the ripe old age of 4.

This is HOW it all started. Throughout the rest of her life, she continued to research and practice what she knew. After graduation from the University of Nebraska, with a degree in Journalism, she tripled her research and study, helping many people along the way. After that, she became Certified in Hypnotherapy & Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). She added an emotional component of her healing practice, which many people don’t realize is at the core of their illnesses.

Janeska is also a Self Realization Fellowship member, founded by Paramahansa Yogananda, who initiated and taught Mahatma Ghandi Kriya Yoga and meditation, which is also a huge part of the Mind-Body-Spirit Connection she uses when it comes to health and healing. She became a Kriya Yoga initiate, like Ghandi, in 2018.

She created a Customized Chart for clients and others, to see what areas they need help in. She sends the chart out through email and does online sessions for whomever requests it.

Once she analyzes the Chart, she gives recommendations in all areas of one’s being…Mind, Body & Spirit, so each person is guided to the right things to do to correct inharmonies in the body.

Over the last 3 - 4 decades, Janeska has created a wide range of skills. She’s the author of 3 books (revolving around health and politics), wrote news for KABC (American Broadcasting Company), been a researcher of Mind, Body, Spirit Health, done Event Planning and Produced Events, been a former assistant editor for Essence Magazine, and founded ‘It’s All Connected, Inc.’, a Mind, Body, Spirit Company, which is currently spreading its message of self-healing and inner joy, to all those souls in search of these things.

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