You are here to re-member your SELF as one expression of Source Creator Expressing Itself As Unlimited Divine Love and Divine Joy.

ALL of creation, every person, every mosquito, is Source Creator. People believing they are separate from Source Creator, known as “sinners” or otherwise, is the most devastating belief on this planet.

As ALL of creation is Source Creator, ALL is ONE; no one and nothing can be isolated from Source Creator. People believing in “separation,” is the second most devastating belief on this planet.

Source Creator Is Pure Divine Love and Divine Joy. ("Divine Love" is what humans call "unconditional love" and "Divine Joy" is the feeling experienced when Divine Love is expressed or put into action.) Therefore, at the core of ALL creation are pure Divine Love and Joy. People believing the idea that “God” (Source Creator) is an angry, judgmental, selectively-loving God who wants us to suffer and then die is the third most devastating belief on this planet. This has occurred because people define “God” through the eyes of “human love” versus Divine Love, and human love contains a lot of suffering.

In order to grow creation/in order for Source Creator to grow, a continual process of growth, stagnation and decay to make way for new growth was created.

When Source Creator created you, you were an individuated expression of Source Creator known as your “I Am Presence.” You as your “I Am Presence” are a magnificent Being, bright as the sun, and as magnificent or more so.

At some point, the “I Am Presence” decided to go exploring Itself AS a co-creator with Source Creator throughout all of creation in order to create more creation, just as Source Creator is exploring Itself throughout all of creation to create more creation.

To do that, the “I Am Presence” divided itself up into comparatively minuscule fragments, known as “souls,” that it then spread throughout the multiverse. You could be the soul of a planet, an angel, a galactic being, an amoeba-the possibilities are infinite.

When you as your “I Am Presence” first left “Home” to do all of this, you had no idea how painful it would be to experience the stark contrast of growth, stagnation and decay throughout the multiverse. At “Home,” there was ONLY Divine Love and Joy. The stark contrast FELT like separation to you. This is known as the original pain of experiencing “separation” or “loneliness.” Of course, separation is an ill-lose-ion, but it certainly felt that way.

One expression of this growth, stagnation and decay in the infinite multiverse is planet Earth, and the soul of planet Earth is known as “Mother Gaia.” (Thus, our planet Earth is NOT just “dirt.” She has a living, breathing soul, just like you and me.) People believing that Earth is not the living body of Mother Gaia (and thus abusing her for eons) has been the fourth most devastating belief on this planet, for this planet.

However, while Earth was originally created as a literal paradise, it was also created by expressions of Source Creator to exist in a universe that gave its inhabitants free will to decide how to co-create while here on Earth. Part of this free will was the decision to make this planet one of the BEST experiences of growth, stagnation and decay. Specifically, co-creators of Source Creator created the experience on this planet to be the FORGETTING that at the core of ALL creation are Source Creator/Divine Love and Divine Joy. This “forgetting,” is known as “the veil."

Due to “the veil," illusions (they are NOT real) of fear and separation were also created as mis-creations here on Earth. Fear is the emotion experienced when one believes in separation from Source Creator and separation in general. Fear and separation create stagnation and decay better than anything else.

The abuse and resulting suffering of Mother Gaia’s body as well as the abuse and resulting suffering of all living on or in her body, including fellow humans, the animal kingdom, the plant kingdom etc., is the result of believing in the illusions (I spell it "ill-lose-ions") of fear and separation, and thus creating mis-creations that appear to make the existence of fear and suffering real.

A table appears solid, but it is not. It is slower moving energy. Fear and suffering appear real or “solid,” when manifested into form due to the belief in them, but they are not. They are only a misunderstanding and thus mis-creations of the ONLY energy that exists: Source Creator’s Divine Love. Nothing exists outside of the Oneness of Source Creator’s Divine Love.

Due to this tremendously challenging environment of abuse and resulting suffering due to the belief in the ill-lose-ions of fear and separation, Earth has been known as an “Earth School.”

Souls have BRAVELY come here to experience MAJOR soul growth through the MAJORLY challenging process of growth, stagnation and decay, even of the soul. This is because the soul who takes on a human vessel/body has agreed to experience the forgetting of its true identity as Divine Love and Divine Joy by agreeing to subject itself to “the veil” to incarnate here. Thus, it experiences the free will creations of those who believe in the "ill-lose-ions" of fear and separation, and of its free will creations.

This causes the soul to experience many “dark nights of the soul” due to the growth, stagnation and decay. The decay may look like abuse/suffering. Souls bravely decide to do this in “Earth School” as they want to figure out how to GROW here among the stagnation and decay.

If the soul cannot re-member, the forgetting of who the soul is at its core causes karmic imbalances due to the creation of suffering. The soul incarnates lifetime after lifetime in order to balance that karma.

The soul balances karma by figuring out how to awaken to the truth of who it truly is at its core: as Divine Love and Divine Joy.

Therefore, you are here on this Earth to remember that you are one expression of THE ONE, that you are Source Creator/Divine Love and Joy having a human experience as YOU, IN SPITE OF the stagnation and decay all around you. You are here to thus bring “Home” to Earth.

In so doing, you let go of the ill-lose-ions of fear and separation to end your suffering, for every “negative” emotion, every “negative” action, every “negative” thought, is built on the foundation of separation/fear. When you release fear and separation, you learn how to "IN-body" FULLY who you are as a Divine Being having a human experience-all of your "magical" Divine powers and abilities-by raising your vibration to that of consistent Divine Love and Divine Joy.

“Earth School” began closing its doors in 2012 with Father and Mother God’s decree (Father and Mother God are two individuated expressions of Source Creator) to end the experiment of fear and separation here, and instead, create a return to the "re-member-ing" of who we all are as Divine Love and Divine Joy. This is known as “waking up” or “ascension.”

Some souls have woken up, are waking up, and will wake up to this "re-member-ing" of who they are, but due to free will, other souls have chosen NOT to wake up or ascend in this incarnation.

Mother Gaia herself has already ascended consciously, but not in terms of her physical body yet. This means she has a 3rd dimensional body planet (Source Creator is said to be at the 21st dimension) and due to her ascension, she now has a 5th dimensional consciousness, which is the level at which Divine Love and Divine Joy are consistent vibrations.

Ascension of the planet body AND of all those living on the planet body has NEVER been attempted before.

We are in the midst of that attempt (begun at the end of 2012) and WE ARE SUCCEEDING!!!

The souls who ascend will join Mother Gaia on her 5th dimensional planet body. The souls who have chosen not to ascend will go elsewhere.

Our planetary ascension process will cause Earth to go from being global to being galactic. We will SOON know of our galactic connection to the ALL, including to the infinite number of galactic beings throughout the multiverse. The TRUTH is coming out. Veils, "ill-lose-ions," fear, separation, suffering and lies will no longer exist. “Home” will be brought to Earth.

This process is projected to take no more than 200 years (as of this writing in 2018.) Depending on how fast all of US awaken, it could take less.

*Remember, ALL is in a CONSTANT state of growth, stagnation and decay. Thus, OLD EARTH must completely DECAY before it can make way for “Nova Gaia” or “New Earth.”

Although a natural process of growth, that complete DECAY will be chaotic, especially as there are many who do NOT want the “New Earth.” (These are the top corrupt elite who have made a VERY PROFITABLE business out of the fear and separation of OLD Earth. Fear and separation are THE BEST tools for manipulation/control/enslavement of the masses.)
Due to the chaos, ascension is NOT for the “faint-hearted” quite literally. In the midst of the chaos, we must STAND FIRMLY as who we are as Divine Love and Divine Joy, no matter what chaos is around us. We cannot create “New Earth” out of OLD Earth ways of BEing.

We are NOT doing all of this alone!! We are receiving immeasurable help from Mother/Father God, angels, archangels, ascended masters, brotherhoods and sisterhoods of light, innumerable beings and from our galactic family. We have NEVER been alone in ANY part of "OURstory." People believing we are "alone" in the universe with no other "life" out there is the last most devastating belief that people have had.

(This summation is based on years of on-going study of the channeled messages from many sources in the non-physical realms as well as the intuitive channeling I’ve done in creating this. However, the truth here will deepen as truth is never stagnant; it gets ever deeper as we spiral ever higher in understanding.)

I hope your mind was blown reading this, for our true purpose on Earth is literally "mind-blowing" to IN-body "heart expanding." We have outgrown “I think. Therefore, I am.” Instead, we are growing into a new Divine Love Renaissance: “ALL is Divine Love. Therefore I Am.”

Rise To Shine as the Divine Love expressing as Divine Joy you are!

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