Our world is a living hell. Everyone here is selfish. Everyone is an actor.

For most people the life conditions are unbearable. They have too many existential and material problems. They also have family problems and problematic relationships. They hate their job, or they are unemployed.

Money is everyone’s god. However, most people don’t have enough money, or they have no money at all. Wars, crimes, lies, accidents, and many other horrors are part of routine. These stories comprise the daily news in our newspapers.

If you are depressed, you are having a normal reaction. It is really impossible to be happy while living this way.

However, you probably don’t feel depressed because you logically understand the global insanity of your environment. You believe that the reason of your depression is something else that belongs to your personal life.

You are in fact indifferent to what happens in the world. You only want to live well, while ignoring all the horrors that keep happening in your environment. Besides this fact, everything that is bad is camouflaged by indifference, hypocrisy, and greed. Material pleasures make you forget the suffering of those who live in the streets.

However, if you want to be happy you must eliminate what is bad. You cannot immediately eliminate all the horrors surrounding you, but you can do something to improve your environment, while helping yourself.

Or do you believe that you can be happy while ignoring everything you should be afraid of?

You are depressed because your human intelligence understands what your animal ignorance cannot perceive. You’ll only find happiness in life when everyone will be happy.

The erroneous conceptions you are used to, prevent you from understanding your own absurdity. Nobody knows what is sound mental health and balance on Earth.

You are depressed because you also have personal reasons. You feel an unbearable pain in your heart. Your past was very sad. You have many wounds, fears, and traumas.

If you want to find happiness in life you must get help through psychotherapy. I teach you how to translate the meaning of your own dreams, so that you may find free psychotherapy in the dream messages. If you have no time or no inclination to study the dream language, I can immediately translate your dreams for you and provide you with psychotherapy so that you don't have to do the work yourself. You’ll only have to follow the guidance you receive in your dreams.

After transforming your personality and finding ways to transform your world, your life will be completely different from what it is today. You won’t be a passive observer of global absurdity. You won't be a puppet of your wild nature.

Dream therapy provides you with a depression treatment that opens new horizons before your eyes. You stop getting adapted to your sad life conditions. You transform what you dislike. You discover your own hidden power.

You are very intelligent, but all your intelligence goes wasted because it belongs to your wild conscience. Through dream therapy you’ll transform your wild conscience into human content, and become a genius. You have such potential. Your brain power has no limits. Thus, you will find many ways to improve your life and save your world from self-destruction.

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Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung's research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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