My daughter likes to ask for a back massage and a foot massage every night before bed. So, the other night I said to her, “You’re a pretty lucky girl! I don’t think most 6-year-olds are getting a back and foot massage every night.”

She looked at me and says, “Mommy, that’s because they don’t ask.” Her words of wisdom hit me like a slap in the face…Why are so many people afraid to ask?

I mean the worst that can happen is someone says “no”, right? Believe me, there are many nights that she asks that I do say no because it’s too late or she hasn’t earned it. But it never stops her from asking again the next night. Because she knows what she likes, she knows what she wants, and she isn’t afraid of getting a “no” and then trying to negotiate the outcome by saying “how about just a foot rub then…”

Being able to ask for what you want or need is an essential skill for an entrepreneur and small business owner. Whether you are asking for a referral, trying to close a sale or asking someone for help, taking the initiative and doing it will make a huge impact on your business.

After thinking about the lessons I have learned from my daughter’s tenacity as well as my experience in business, I have put together 5 key reasons that make asking so critical in growing your business.

1. You can only get a YES if you ask.

2. You learn what people really want.

3. It improves your negotiation skills.

4. It saves you time and money.

5. It builds your confidence.

Don’t let the “No’s” Get you down!

Many people won’t even ask because they are afraid of getting a “No”, or they assume that they already know what the person wants or needs and don’t give the person an opportunity to even turn them down.

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