WhyAren’t You Writing? By Dr. Carol S. Batey 2011
“One writes to teach, to move or to delight.” Rodolphus Agricola
Recently, my writing book was released on amazon.com. There are many bookstores selling the book as well. As a writer you have the key and the dedication that unlocks your writing potential. Can you use it? Within this workbook, I share insights, challenges, and skills that I have gained from writing and publishing for the past fifteen years. Are you ready to write your book? Can you go to bed early, wake up around 2 a. m. and write? Can you get up early to write? Choose a time works for you.
Do you have a book that is unwritten within your soul? What is keeping you from writing it? When will you start the writing process? Do you want to write for our own personal enjoyment, to give directions for other, or to be published? Some people write to leave a legacy for their children. I write for all three reasons. Are you one of those waiting to be motivated or inspired? Maybe you are afraid that by committing your ideas to paper, others will be able to see your vulnerabilities. Perhaps you are afraid that you will not have enough time to commit to the project.
In seventeen years, I have written and published six books and numerous articles. My specialized knowledge now is for your benefit, to learn. I freely share this information with you, dear writer. God has blessed me with the ability to tap into “Infinite Wisdom” in order to write these books. In return I have trusted the unseen powers of God to help and guide me without question. So can you!

Author's Bio: 

Carol Batey author of six books and teacher of metaphysics!