Are you having phenomenal success with your blog? Are you generating more leads than you know what to do with? Do you spend minutes a day managing your blog and get overwhelming results?

If not, you might be surprised by the reason why.

Take a look at some of the blogs out there. They have a lot in common, but are they producing results for their owners? A lot of them probably aren't and the reason might surprise you. The fanciest, flashiest blogs on the internet could just be a bunch of noise with no real substance and no results.

Ask yourself a few simple questions:

What is the purpose of my blog?
Why do I even bother producing all that content: articles, videos, links, etc.?
Why am I converting so few people?
If you don't know why you have a blog, then you're missing the fundamental purpose of what you're doing. Let me make it easy for you. You have a blog for one simple reason:
That's it; the only reason; nothing else; zip, zero, nada. The single reason for you to have a blog is to get that person's contact information so you can start to build a relationship with them.

You never, ever want to sell anything on your blog.

Let me say that again:


If you have a blog that's covered with banner ads to affiliate links you're destroying I mean absolutely killing any chance you have of getting that precious contact information.

Think about it. You finally get someone to come to your blog and right there on the front page, you're bombarding them with flashy, tempting offers to go look at something else. So, what happens when they click on that link?

They leave your page, most likely never to be heard from again. Even if they buy the affiliate product what's that worth to you? A couple of bucks? Maybe even just a few cents? You've sold you're best and probably only chance to get that person to give you the contact information you absolutely must have to start to build a relationship with them that has the potential to result in tens, hundreds or even thousands of dollars throughout the life of the relationship. And you've sold it for a tiny fraction of it's true value.

Is is worth it? Of course not. So stop settling for pennies and other people's scraps. Start building your business and stop making money for someone else.

Isn't that why you went into business for yourself to begin with? I know that's why I did.

If you'd like to learn more about how to blog the right way check out this video:

Double Your Conversions

I hope that was helpful.

Thank You for tuning in.

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To Your Success,
Mary & Dean R Black
Online Business & Marketing Coaches

Author's Bio: 

Mary & Dean R Black have been happily married since March 2010 with a blended family including 3 kids. They are taking the network marketing industry by storm with their special blend of passion for life and love for their kids and especially for each other.

They live in suburban Atlanta, Ga. and enjoy working on their businesses and spending time with their kids. They have figured out how to successfully do both at the same time without neglecting either.