The demand for beds with versatile designs has evolved since decades. Gone are the days when people prefer ordinary mats to support their mattress and experience a sound sleep. Today, the entire game has been overwhelmed by the beds. But many of you still have a common question as to why bed frames are highly recommended instead of simply putting the mattress on the floor.

There are numerous online/offline destinations to buy bed frame in Singapore but why it is so popular and is considered by the experts?

Placing your mattress on the floor doesn’t seem to affect you anyhow, but it actually affects you from different prospectus. Here are the benefits of using a bed frame that will compel you to switch your current thinking and opt for the bed frame for your family (especially your kids):

Safe from Bedbugs: The area where you live must be clean and away from uninvited parasites. But if you are sleeping on the floor, you can easily come in contact with the bed bugs or other parasites that will affect your sleep. The easier way to prevent the evolution of bedbugs is to include bed frame between your mattress and floor.

Safe from Mildew: Most of you have seen fungus to develop on your mattress after a specific time lapse. The major reason is your mattress is in direct contact with the floor which makes an isolation and prevents proper ventilation. To keep proper ventilation for your mattress, you need a quality bed frame.

Comfortable & Safe for Health: For those who face arthritis or have back pain, it's hard to sit down and sleep well on the floor. The similar case is in the morning when they tend to stand up. So they require the mattress at a proper height. Bed frames are built with an appropriate height that brings comfort for the patients too.

Now you have information about the need for a bed frame in your home, here are some points that you should consider while buying it.

Consider Room Size: The size of your room matters a lot when you are looking for a bedframe. To get an overview, you can place the mattress on the floor and estimate the required area.

Consider the Height of your Bedframe: Most of you love to buy a canopy bed frame with elongated bed frame towards the ceiling. In such case, it’s important to find the required height in accordance with the height of your ceiling.

Choose the Right Style: Now, you have the independence to make your bedroom as pretty as you want. For that, you will have ample decorative options with different designs and formats. You would even find different build materials that you can choose according to your comfort and likings.

So, all the points mentioned above are sufficient to draw your attention towards the need for a quality bed frame. If you have kids, it's vital to replace your current sleeping format with the inclusion of bed frames and ensure a safe and healthy sleep for your kids.

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